Captivating Colorscapes: Exploring Allan Paul's Artistic Vision

Artist Name
Alan Paul
puplished on
June 7, 2023
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Alan Paul

Moments Frozen in Time: The Captivating Artistry Unveiled

Tell us about your work: A statement for stopping thinking without becoming unconscious.

Freedom, language, and stopping time: holding on. For me, painting is the language that gives me the freedom to express everything without the limitations of verbal communication. In every facet, with color, materiality, taste, smell, sounds, and vibrations, the moment is captured and, at the same time, retains the element of timeless eternity. Jumping and finding safety in falling. The canvas, the wood, the paint, the material keep everything open until the moment of action. Now, the direction of the jump into the maelstrom of the moment is revealed. Every single action, each stroke of the brush, shows the next inevitable step, only at the moment in which it happens.

The work in painting and in spatial design intensifies in the process without being painted through. There are large, medium, and small format works on canvas or wood. I start with writing in charcoal, oil pastels, or acrylics and capture the surface. Then follows the underpainting with acrylics or oil. I divide the work into color areas. I then continue to work with oil paint, using a spatula, brush, or my hands. I often leave the work for months afterward before I put another layer on top. This may be repeated several times until the work is completed. Colors, shapes, big, small, and transitions. Decisions. Every decision in the picture, in the material, has its consequence. Always changing and seeking balance, tension, and harmony. Beyond the point where it hurts to look at the picture, there is always that wonderful point where it hurts me to look at the work. I could destroy it now if I didn't know that this night sea voyage is the beginning of the journey to something wonderfully magical, which must first be carried through the darkness into the light.

It has to taste good: the colors, the shapes. For me, it is food that I create, and it is meant to be rich in content. Not heavy in the stomach, not bland in taste. No, it should make you want to take them in. It should be loud and sound quiet. Again and again, the same forms in the visual language: fish, eyes, houses, stairs, breasts, hands, heads, penises, and again and again, a lot of this delicious color. They are the same symbols in the imagery that I already chose as a child. Freedom and self-imposed boundaries. The continuation of the visual language gives security and faith. Each picture that speaks this language can, like music, give the observer access to my world. During the working process, biographical experiences step into the background and make way for a judgment-free view and description of the world.

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images on view below: 

Caption 1: Of pain and joy | Oil on canvas | 120 x 240

Caption 2: König und Sohn /King and son | 156 x 116 | Oil on canvas

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