Dive into a World of Ghosts and Strange Creatures in Adam Forsythe's Art

Artist Name
Adam Forsythe
puplished on
June 11, 2023
adam forsythe cryptids, tales of the unexplained,

Adam Forsythe

Hauntingly Beautiful Monsters and Ghosts: Exploring Adam Forsythe's Art

About his work:

Adam S Forsythe is a British artist living and working in Bristol, UK.

His practice is concerned with human narratives on the edge of society and often features ghosts, monsters, and strange cryptids.

Through his work, Forsythe explores the darker and more mysterious aspects of the human experience, delving into the unknown and the unexplained.

His pieces are thought-provoking and haunting, inviting viewers to question their own perceptions of reality and to consider the unseen forces that shape our world. 

Images and text courtesy the artist.

Images on view below:

Caption 1: "Heart of Gold, Bad Hair Day", 80 x 90 cm, Acrylic on canvas

Caption 2: "Fiery Jeff", 60 x 76 cm, Acrylic on canvas 

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