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Ernst Koslitsch artist

Who is ernst koslitsch artist?

Ernst Koslitsch focus and artistic practice are sculptures of constructed artifacts and worlds. His accompanying drawings and paintings are extensions from his sculptural work. His world is called the Yellow Universe. A fictional place built from construction site timber, mostly yellow, used, and colorful underlining his constructivist approach.


All about the artist Ernst Koslitsch at Munchies Art Club

All about Ernst Koslitsch at Munchies Art Club

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Ernst Koslitsch | Constructing Mythology | Artist | yellow universe | sculpture | drawing | painting | vienna contemporary
Ernst Koslitsch with "We have to move the island" at Gallery Raum mit Licht Vienna
Ernst Koslitsch presents a new work, called "the first 5000 years" at Gallery Raum mit Licht´s Group Show Domino.
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