All about the artist Ernst Koslitsch at Munchies Art Club. Discover his Yellow universe and growing project a constructed mythology .

Ernst Koslitsch is a sculptor and paints. He loves his constructed mythology series. A expanding worlds are based on a not true story. Myths are cultural and historical documents of extraordinary importance. Often they represent the oldest written relics still extant from a particular culture. They enable us to glimpse at the world-views of ancient civilizations. Yet myths are more than mere relics of bygone times: they are still alive and continue to matter in present-day society.

Ernst Koslitsch focus and artistic practice are sculptures of constructed artifacts and worlds. His accompanying drawings and paintings are extensions from his sculptural work. His world is called the Yellow Universe. A fictional place built from construction site timber, mostly yellow, used, and colorful underlining his constructivist approach.

Ernst Koslitsch | Yellow Universe and beyond

Ernst Koslitsch and his yellow universe out of constructed mythology

Ernst Koslitsch is an Austrian contemporary artist. He works in the field of sculpture, drawing and painting. His works series is called yellow universe ( constructed mythology) a fictional and mythological universe.

Who is Ernst Koslitsch?

Ernst Koslitsch worked in the restaurant business before he understood that he was an artist. During 2003 he attended a photography workshop called FotoK.

After that he met fellow artist Nina Dick, also a student of the arts who suggested that he apply at the University of applied arts, which he did and he was accepted.

He started his studies at the photography department under the professor Gabriele Rothemann.

After his son was born he discovered sculpturing and Object art and additionally began to study at the Academy of fine arts in Vienna.

There he studied under Monica Bonvincini in the performative arts department He completed his studies in 2011. Soon after he opened with his wife and best friend Daniel Kunzelmann the coffeeshop in Vienna called the 12 Munchies.

It was a social experiment, a new kind of business in vienna that lasted 8 years. Now the Cafe is his Studio and also the munchies art club office.

Selection | Exhibitions:

Affen, Kunstverein Kaeshmesh, Vienna, 2019; Flying things and other objects, Artwalk, Vienna, 2019; Lets  get serious (Jetzt wird es ERNST), Galerie Marenzzi (SOLO), Leibnitz, 2014; under construction, Galery Raum mit Licht, Vienna, 2009; Notopia, Neue Galerie Graz im Kunsthaus Graz ( Solo), Graz, 2000; Milk drop corronet, Camera Austria im Kunsthaus Graz zum Steirischer Herbst, Graz, 2010; How to construct a universe that doesn´t fall apart two minutes later, Atelierrundgang, Wien, 2017; Pla(t)tform 07 , Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winthertur, 2007; Tag und Nachtbilder ( Einblicke in die Sammlung, MdM Rupertinum (Museum der Moderne), Salzburg, 2012; photo_Graz a selection , Photon Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia,2007

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Ernst Koslitsch
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