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Apply for an Insta

It can be pretty busy at the Munchies Art Club Magazine. So if we have overlooked you, we now offer YOU the chance to personally submit for a review and a chance of being featured in an article on our magazine and social media.

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Special September

€ 15/one time includes Vat.
not refundable

What you get:

outline decorative art
Article Munchies Art Club Magazine
Category: Instagram Accounts you have to follow
outline decorative art
We post on Instagram feed and Insta stories
outline decorative art
We additionally post on Facebook, Linkedin and share in our Newsletter
outline decorative art
You receive a backlink to you website

IN brief

For starters if you want to apply please first go over our Insta account.

Make sure you fit into our niche. 

Ours is a curated selection and I think you can pretty much get a feel for what we like on our feed.

If you believe you totally fit in and have been overlooked, we truly look forward to checking you out!
It’s all quite easy and simple.

You can apply multiple times for different topics on a monthly basis.

You can submit Exhibitions, new work, and anything to do with you and your art.

Introduce yourself

Tell us who you are, whats your path been like in the arts so far?

A Studio update

Tell us and show us! What happens in your creative space?


You have an exhibition? Great with us you can additionally promote it!

for a project

Any projects you are involved with and want to share? Here is that extra space!

How it works

Please note :
Go through our Artist Interview Section or Instagram Collection on Munchies Art Club
and make sure before you submit that your work fits in.

Our selections are all curated.

Read our infos carefully

Basic and first step

We review your submissions in great detail. If selected we provide you  with a timeline for your feature.

Submit the Content

Begin uploading your content

Submitting your content is really easy, and we guide you through your application with easy to follow additional Infos.

Pay the application fee

Finish your application

After you hit the submit button you will get redirected to a secure payment system: Stripe as a payment service surpasses the most strict security standards

Note: you have to Disable your pop up blocker on your Browser for the Submission process to take place!

you will receive Payment Receipt

Once you receive your payment receipt your submission process is completed

Our Team will review your submission carefully within 5-10 working days

Step 5


If you get selected we will contact you!

We will then proceed to turn your submission into a new feature for our online Magazine and for our social media channels

Frequently asked questions

Cant find the answer here? Just get in touch with our team via
Munchies Art Club Magazine


We may be small, but we are group of people who truly love and believe in what we do and that is to support you!

We want the digital experience to have heart.

We are thriving and growing from all the incredible artists and galleries input and support that we have been receiving over the past 2 years.

Growing organically side by side, has been a fantastic part of our journey.

Our relationship to a large part of the artists we have featured, is a growing one.

We share and exchange regularly with our artists and some have even bloomed into friendships.

If that is what you are looking for then this is the place.

How can I apply?

It's simple as can be, and safe.

You submit.
We go through your work, and as a team we make a selection.

We will get back to you as soon as we can to inform you whether you have been accepted or not, usually between 5-10 working days.


As we want to grow niche specific, we only accept galleries and artists that mirror our already existing collection on our Instagram account.

Do go through our IG account and make sure you as an artist or gallery believe you compliment our collection.

All our applications are curated.

Which Images should I select

The images you think best present you and your work

Why do I have to pay an application fee?

We take our time to review submission, a submission fee filters out artists who are not serious.

A submission fee compensates us for our time and effort.

If I get selected, whats next?

We will publish your content on Munchies Art Club Magazine in ourInstagram Accounts you have to followsection.

We link to your website and Instagram account. + one Posting on our Insta feed/Carroussel and our story, tagging your account.

Additionally we post on our Facebook & Linkedin accounts, in our Newsletter and on our google business account

Pro Tip: Share your content, motivate your friends to do so too.

If you have a website Backlink to your article on our website, this gives you more credibility and better ranking on search sites.

Are there any follow up possibilities

We are presently working on additional features


You can submit monthly: Your exhibition, new work, projects and whats happening in your studio.

Is there an application deadline?

No, no time frame.

We work by the principal first come first serve.

Onboarding, if accepted is up to 5-10 working days after the submission.

If I dont get accepted will I get my submission fee refunded?

Published or not published there are no Refund for applications.

We take our time to review submission, a submission fee filters out artists who are not serious.

A submission fee compensates us for our time and effort.