Viennacontemporary | Contemporary Art fair Vienna 2021
Haruko Maeda | Detail Series „Neverland 3“ oil on canvas | 230x200cm | Image credit @Ernst Koslitsch

Viennacontemporary | 2nd to 5th September 2021

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viennacontemporary opens the Austrian autumn art season with an extraordinary week of special guided tours, talks, and various artistic interventions and a wonderful selection of artists and galleries. 

boris ondreicka artistic director, kristina kulakova, vienna, austria
Boris Ondreicka | Artistic Director Viennacontemporary | Photo: Kristina Kulakova

The newly appointed artistic director Boris Ondreička, has adopted to the current situation and created an innovative and experimental format spreading across city engaging Vienna as an artistic space.

“We have set ourselves the goal of being more than just a fair. At the same time, our aim is to fully exploit the wealth of possibilities that an art fair can offer. viennacontemporary already has a great audience, and yet we have to try to broaden the focus and open ourselves to all cultural and social groups. Vienna has always been a cultural hub, not only between east and west, but also north and south. We can learn a lot from the role that Vienna and Austria assumed during the years of European division: neutrality as an opportunity for mediation and negotiation.” — Boris Ondreička, Artistic Director viennacontemporary 

A specially created city map shows the wide range of contemporary art on offer in the city and invites art lovers to explore the program in the context of Contemporary Vienna on their own. 

Selected hotel and culinary recommendations round off the cultural experience of Vienna. 

As a special highlight, viennacontemporary traces the multicultural influences that have shaped Vienna and presents a unique performance at the popular Amalienbad on Reumannplatz.



elektrohalle, rhomberg, germany., art fair, oil painting, large wall art
Haruko Maeda | Elektrohalle Rhomberg | viennacontemporary | 2021 | Photo:

original, unique piece, Japanese artist, naive, detail, painter, female
Detail „Neverland 3“ oil on canvas | 230x200cm | Oil painting | Haruko Maeda | Elektrohalle Rhomberg | Photo: Ernst Koslitsch


ernst koslitsch, contemporary sculpture, online art viewing room
Green On Red Gallery | viennacontemporary | Artist: Damien Flood | 2021 | Photo: Ernst Koslitsch
green on red gallery, hungary, intervention, art fair, vienna
Green On Red Gallery | Artwork by Damien Flood | viennacontemporary | 2021 | Photo: Ernst Koslitsch


russian art gallery, show, wall art, emerging artist, viewing room
Ural Vision Gallery | viennacontemporary | 2021 | Photo:
osip toff, Ural gallery, contemporary art fair, austria, international
Ural Vision Gallery | Osip Toff | Ruth-6000 | Photo: Ernst Koslitsch


georg kargl fine arts, gallery, vienna, top art galleries in austria, unique, original
Olivia Coeln I Georg Kargl Fine Arts I ZONE1 | viennacontemporary2021 |Photo:
photography, young emerging female artist to collect, support, viennacontemporary
Detail | Olivia Coeln I Georg Kargl Fine Arts


irish gallery, sculpture, contemporary, paintings, installations, modern artists,
Glassyard gallery | Peter Puklus |  I’ve been Lying my Whole Life | 2021 | Photo:
carpet, tapestry, installation, wall art, artistic unique arwork
Detail | Peter Puklus |  I’ve been Lying my Whole Life | 2021 | Glassyard gallery