Nicole Gnesa Gallery with Philip Grözinger at Parallel Art Fair 2020

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We love art, I guess you can see that. There are days when we fall in love hard. This happened at this year's Parallel Art Fair. We entered the dark walled space of Nicole Gnesas' room. There hung the artworks of artist Philip Goezinger. Enjoy!

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We love art, I guess you can see that. There are days when we fall in love hard. This happened at this year's Parallel Art Fair. We entered the dark walled space of Nicole Gnesas' room. There hung the artworks of artist Philip Goezinger. Enjoy!

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Parallel Art fair 2020 | Gallery Nicole Gnesa with her Artist Philip Grözinger

Gallery Nicole Gnesa | Philip Grözinger | Parallel 2020 | Room 5.11

This year's Parallel Vienna 2020 is one of my favorites. The venue an old commercial building on the Rudolf Sallinger-Platz in the third district faces Stadt Park, a beautiful park in the center of Vienna. There was a lot of amazing art to look at and admire. But I also fell in love when I entered Room 5.11. The name of the Gallery: Nicole Gnesa. Her Artist: Philip Grözinger!

The room painted grey. A small table and two leather office chairs. My attention is caught by some kind of tapestry hanging on the wall, next to it a copy but falling apart, it looks shredded. The Gallerist Nicole Gnesa approaches us, and then unravels the stories about the artist and his works, pulling me in, seduced by the work hanging on the wall. An amazing piece of work created during the lockdown.

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Gallery Nicole Gnesa: "the unraveling" | Carpets produced by a industrial knitting machine

Looking around, I find creatures, figures from fairytales, alien cartoonish characters in dark fantastic worlds. Black and dark colors combined with bold brighter ones, the combination coming together beautifully. There hang 5 paintings depicting industrial chimneys. The smoke coming out is thick and heavy looking. It's not something that disappears in thin air. He portrays the smoke as it really is - a mass of thick harmful particles being spread across the land. The artist, I am told by Nicole grew up in an industrial part of Germany.

The other paintings even though dark does not feel sinister. The alien surreal-like surrounding and rounded fantasy figures depicted in his work are enchanting and remind me of some long-forgotten book or cartoon from my childhood.

There is so much to see and discover, understand, and think about when looking at his work. On the table, there was an album with drawings from Philip Grözinger. They are like a diary of the lockdown, it rounded off this exceptional discovery. Here I want to share with you, his amazing work.

Philip Grözinger, lives in Berlin. He studied fine art at the HBK Braunschweig, as a master student of Prof. Karl Schulz.

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Parallel Vienna 2020 | Philip Grözinger | Room 5.11 | Gallery Nicole Gnesa
parallel 2020, review
exhibitions view sexauer gallery berlin
Philip Grözinger | From here to now and back again | Sexauer gallery | Berlin


Philip Grözinger's paintings depict a world or society that doesn't exist, a non-place situated in an undefined temporality. Inspired by literature and science-fiction films, Grözinger operates in an interstitial timespace - between past and future, between earth and space, between the living and the machine, between genres and species.

His work intertwines temporalities, geographies, bodies, cultures, reality and fiction to produce new situations, places where humans and non-humans coexist. These absurd and poetic situations give rise to a truly critical reflection on society and politics. The paintings oscillate between darkness and light. They are simultaneously imbued with a sense of disappointment and disillusionment prompted by the end of utopias, and with hope and lucidity as regards the present age. Philip Grözinger wants to convey a sense of hope.

The hope of seeing the rise of a freer, more tolerant and more peaceful society that has emancipated itself from the relationships of oppression and exploitation between dominant and dominated species. (Julie Crenn)

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Overnight | 60x50cm oil on canvas | courtesy Sexauer Gallery

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Ein oder zwei Dinge | 60x 50cm oil on canvas | 2018 | courtesy Sexauer Gallery

art to discover 2020 painting
The thin red line 1 | 2019 | 200x170cm | courtesy Sexauer Gallery
contemporary artist, featured, spotlight
The thin red line 2 | 2019 | 200x170cm | courtesy Sexauer Gallery
philip grozinger,  contemporary painting,
Dave I can feel it 2019 | 180x200cm | courtesy Sexauer Gallery
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Painting by Philip Grözinger

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Philip Grözinger
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Spotlight | Parallel Vienna | Philip Grözinger
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Contemporary painting, Germany
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Philip Grözinger | quarantine art works | Covid-19 | Corona  | lock-down-drawings

During the COVID Lockdown the artist drew creatures in a protective suit, isolated. Reconnecting with past pleasures pushed aside for lack of time. Board games, canned food, reading comix and books, finding peace and happiness by gardening on the balcony, building model aeroplanes and counting the days when a time that is so bizarre, there are monkeys looking in through the window reminding me of the movie 12 monkeys directed by Terry Gilliam in which a deadly virus wipes out almost all of humanity.

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o.t | corona lock down drawings | Gallery Nicole Gnesa
what artists do in the quarantine covid 19
Corona and Lock Down artworks | 2020


Philip Grözinger on Instagram

at Monopol Magazine


Upcoming Exhibition:

Medusa Touch
26.09. – 1.11.2020
Galerie Alte Schule Ahrenshoop
Dorfstraße 16
18347 Ostseebad Ahrenshoo


Gallery Website
Nicole Gnesa on Instagram
mail to:

Nicole Gnesa
Galerie und Kunstberatung
Kolosseumstr. 6 | Innenhof
80469 München


Nicole Gnesa Gallery  at Parallel Vienna Art Fair
Room 5.11

Rudolf Salinger Platz 1
1030 Wien

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