Art in Vienna beyond the center

Art, chickens and shawarma in the 20th Viennese district

Young art scene in Vienna.

Our plan is to explore the new young contemporary art world in Vienna by foot.

First we met the lovely gallerist Aljoscha Ambrosch from the AAAA gallery and saw the wonderful exhibition The Table is Set by the artists Albin Bergström and Julia S. Goodman.

Then we went to see the chickens at the Mz* Baltazar Laboratory space presenting the amazing artist Julia Frank and her great project REVIER with egg laying white chickens and an important message.

AAAA Gallery | Vienna | 2021

It was the perfect day! Vienna has awoken. Sun back in full force, and the spirits high.

After being locked up for so long we decided to walk around the cities new and younger gallery scene around the Hannover market in Viennas 20th district. We also ate the most delicious Shawarma there and cant wait to go back!

In the front artist: Albin Bergström | Great Skin and Slightly Unhinged | 2021 | Chicken wire, papier maché, hay | 230 160 x 25 cm | Hanging on the back wall: Artist Julia S. Goodman | The Satisfaction of a Job Well Done | 2021 | Oil on canvas | 190 x 150cm

On the way back on foot, we discovered in the small side streets so many new and young galleries in cool venues showing all kinds of art works, work spaces and installations.

We were too early, most still closed, but definitely noted and we will come again.

We ended the day feeling inspired, impressed and stuffed.

The table is set | Exhibition AAAA gallery

Stop 1

Gallery AAAA

Aljoscha Ambrosch

Kaschlgasse 4

1200 Vienna

Albin Bergström | Davids Eyes in Giovannis Room | 2021 | Hand tufted wool and cotton tapestry | 225 x 160 cm
The Table is Set

Albin Bergström

Julia S. Goodman

AAAA gallery | On the left: Julia S. Goodman | On the right: Albin Bergström

The table is Set delicately brings into conversation works by Julia Goodman and Albin Bergstöm. 

Arising from the context of their shared studio space and a (literally ) fruitful exchange over the years between both artists. 

Julia S. Goodman | From left to right :The great betrayal | Surf and turf | Amuse Bouche | Temper Tantrum | Oil on canvas, acrylic resin, polyurethane paint | 2021
Julia S. Goodman | Temper tantrum | Oil on canvas, acrylic rein, polyurethane paint | 101 x 101 cm | 2021

Is an intimate dialogue of artistic ideas and practices that stand at the intersection of societal constructs of tradition, family ties and personal histories.

Installation view | AAAA gallery | Julia S. Goodman | Albin Bergström
Albin Bergström | 12 beers and 40 cigarettes | Chicken wire, papier maché, burned canvas, silverware, crystal glasses | 90 x 120 x 60 cm | 2021

In the gap between the intimate proximity and divergences of their work we hear the faint chatter of childhood memories, holiday celebrations, and the pleasures and traumas of the exuberant domestic experience which both artists playfully dissect.

Julia S. Goodman | Third date | Oil on canvas | 100 x 80 cm

What remains is the sucked-out husk of a devoured lobster. 

Call it the skeleton of the bourgeoise.

On the wall: Albin Bergström | Fleur de Gauloises Blondes | Cardboard, mdf, hay, cigarettes | 110 x 110 cm | 2020 | In front of the wall: Julia S. Goodman | Hotel Mirage | Acrylic resin, acrylic pigment, poly urethane paint miscellaneous synthetic fabrics | 134 x 110 cm | 2019
AAAA Gallery | Vienna

Unafraid and wild at heart

We unashamedly believe in art

As we fathom that we always are

Closer to the beggars bar

Than any skunk with Rolls Roys´s Car

True opulence is still

The sheer thrill

Of the ability to feast alone

On a lobsters husk, a single bone

No adults, yet armed with fantasy

Weil call it skeleton of the bourgeoisie.

Text by Jackie Grassmann

For more information:

Website gallery: AAAA gallery

Instagram: AAAA gallery

Follow the artists on Instagram:

Julia S. Goodman

Albin Bergström

The table is set | Exhibition | AAAA gallery

Stop 2

 Mz* Baltazar's Laboratory

Jägerstraße 52-54

1200 Vienna, Austria.

On the busy Jägerstrasse a chicken coop with live chickens

REVIER from Julia Frank | Mz* Baltazar's Laboratory

Mz. Balthazar’s Lab presents Julia Frank and their newly conceived project that invokes the Lab’s collective code of conduct and addresses and visualizes the conditioned presence of the pandemic in relation to the definition of inhabited habitat by its main character(s) through a scenario that is atypical in urban space. 

The exhibition can be experienced from the sidewalk in front of the exhibition space. 

Through the large windows, one first sees wire mesh, then the earth, grass, scattered, a few bushes and bark mulch behind.

Opposite the window front, a timber wall closes off the room. In the room we encounter a wooden construction whose material was part of a detached house of a Viennese Kleingartenverein in a previous life cycle. 

In between, 7 hens cavort. Sometimes they can be heard from the street through the window above the door, which has been removed and replaced with a grid. 

Almost every year, millions of chickens are slaughtered as a preventive measure because virologists find viruses during routine checks that could potentially be dangerous for humans, and now, in the middle of the second pandemic year, the artist is bringing quality Austrian poultry directly to us.

Mz* Baltazar’s Lab is interested in the sources. 

Of code, of culture of collective working. This time we look into the source of our commodity chain. 

We look at chicken and poultry production and it’s entanglements with ecology, economy, post-humanism. 

Whatever was first, the chicken or egg: let’s re-think our commodity chains.

For more information:

Website: Mz Baltazar Laboratory

Follow the artists:

Website: Julia Frank

Instagram: Julia Frank

Photo credits: @ Ernst Koslitsch

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