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Domi Gratz | Student of Academy of fine arts Vienna


Domi is a wonderful artist I discovered at the Akademie Rundgang (tour of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna) in January. I fell in love with her work straight away and knew I wanted Domi to be part of the munchies art club. When I contacted her and told her what I was doing she immediately said yes and was incredibly cooperative, so it is with great pride that I present you our new incredibly talented young artist Domi Gratz.

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When and how did you realise that you are an artist?

I think I already knew at a young age, that I wanted to become an artist later in life. There really was no plan B, art has always been my only passion. When I was 15 I decided to attend an art school in Vienna. My family was always very supportive, even though they were not interested in art.

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Domi Gratz| young viennese artist

Who are your favorite artists? Who would you buy if you could?

Cy Twombly, Maria Lassnig, Jean Michel Basquiat and Egon Schiele.  I would buy all of those artists if I had money.

Where do you create?

At the moment I am working a lot from home, but I also have my studio space at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (where I am also studying). But in the future, I want to have my own studio, maybe with some colleagues. But before I share a studio, I definitely should be become less chaotic!

awesome drawing, discovery, domi gratz, academy of fine arts, rundgang,
Abstract but also figurative | Domi Gratz

Describe you and your work in three words.

Emotional, spontaneous and naïve.

What is your creative process?

Mostly it is a work in progress-situation, I don't usually plan what to do in advance. I see or get impressions of something and then I start working. Recently I have started making sketches using Microsoft Paint, I wanted to save material, which helped develop my current brush strokes, which was a nice side effect. Generally, drawings are quicker (time) than paintings, before you can start a painting you have to prepare your materials, which is more time consuming.

domi gratz, studio at home during corona crisis, artist to discover, spotlight
During Covid-19 the artist had to work from home.

Did the environment you grew up in have an influence on your work?

I live and grew up in Vienna, but this had/has not had a special influence on me. Vienna is a beautiful City, very old buildings and historical. In my opinion my art is not always „beautiful" in a common way and it doesn't always have to be. I want to express my feelings and my point of view, not the ideal version of my environment.

artwork by domi gratz ,
Sunday 2019 | oil pastels on paper

Do you use social media?

Yes, I use Facebook and Instagram, but for my art I prefer to use Instagram because I like that it is image focused.

domi gratz on instagram, social media, image of her account
Domi Gratz on Instagram

When do you do your best work?

I don't have a special time frame. When it happens, it happens! Moreover, I would say I'm a moody worker like when I'm totally in the zone I can work for hours, but sometimes I cannot even work for weeks!

munchies art club, special, artist spotlight, domi gratz
Artist Spotlight | Munchies Art club | Domi Gratz

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