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Illustrator, sharer of her world, here you get a peak at the wonderful and magical world the artist, which she translates into her artwork.

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I met Anna Stemmer-Dworak about 14 years ago. The first thing I noticed about her was her cute accent. She had such a positive attitude and was so self secure. I dont think I would have pegged her as an artist, had I not met her during her studies at the Angewandte. She lived in the neighbourhood and we would see each other at the Coffee shop I used to have. Even today, she has a personality I like. She is so different to me and I guess that attracts me.


Anna Stemmer-Dworak moved away from Vienna when she completed her studies and made her home once more in the mountains far away from us all. Her art a very big part of her, and she puts great effort into staying  connected with the artist within her on a daily basis.

anna stemmer dworak, between mountains, artist portrait, countryside, vorarlberg
Anna Stemmer Dworak in her home and studio in Vorarlberg

Her drawings touch me, I can relate to them. Through her pictures I can connect to the life she leads. Her children, her mountains and her surroundings translated into beautiful art works that touch me in all sorts of ways.

anna stemmer dworak, studio, portrait, black and white, drawings
Anna Stemmer Dworak, in her studio in Vorarlberg

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I can't remember one situation, I guess I just never doubted it.

I always loved the drawings of Marcel Dzama or Kiki Smith and some childhood illustrators, like Maurice Sendak, Alois Carigiet or Beatrix Potter, because they still can touch my heart from far away. But I mostly take my inspiration from explorers and collectors of any kind and any decade.

drawing daily, with baby, morning rituals, anna stemmer dworak
Drawing with company, mother and artist

text, where o you create

I like the solitude of my beloved studio although at the moment I often have to share it with my children.

anna stemmer dworak, with her baby, art practice
Mother and Artist | Anna Stemmer Dworak | Artist Blog

text, what is your creative process

I draw on a daily basis. In the mornings, when the two bigger ones are gone and the baby is still sleeping, this is my time for drawing. I love to collect, wether it is situations I observe or it is stories out of books and shoeboxes full of photographs and postcards.

insides of a female artist and mother, anna stemmer dworak
Interview with Anna Stemmer Dworak

text question, about environment and art making

I grew up in the "großen Walsertal", thats a small and steep valley in the Austrian mountains. Together with some other enthusisastic families, my parents tried to live in a commune for some years. It could be that my longing for solitude comes from that experience.

My father did woodcarving and my mother is a studied engraver and painter.

wood interior, home of anna stemmer dworak, baby, and art

What I found out during my study of photography at the Universtity of Applied Arts in Vienna, is that I never want to become a photographer.

The camera in between the ideas and the outcome was always in my way. My work has to flow directly out o f my head through my hands onto the paper. At that time, artists who were only drawing, caught my attention. When i moved back to the mountains I realized that this media is the most honest for me.

A day without drawing leaves me uncomfortable.

artist studio, vorarlberg, illustrations and drawing, wood, view, mountains, anna stemmer dworak
Anna Stemmer Dwork in her Studio

All images of Anna are photographed by Magdalena Türtscher

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