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Pedro the Guineapig


When and how did you realise that you are an artist?

Initially, I wanted to become a clown, but then I went with my family to an art exhibition, where I saw an abstract painting. It was all black, with a red cross in it. I was shocked, because it was so ugly. I knew I could do it better. And I did!  So I decided to become an artist after all. That was when I was about five years old. I'm very thankful that my parents are supportive.

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contemporary | austrian artist | alexandra feusi

Who are your favorite artists?

I admire many artists for their work and their personality, but I could not name one who has influenced my own work, because I get my inspiration from life, daily situations, curiosities, for example overlapping shadows, urine stains in the streets, construction sites, different kinds of materials, light effects at a party, people in the street,… But I really admire the work of Pipilotti Rist. I wouldn't say that her work inspires my own, but I think she is an amazing woman and is kind of a role model in a way, because she is a strong, confident woman, who has achieved international renown and success with her work. I would like to have her as a friend and mentor and that is when Marcel Duchamp comes to my mind. He seems to have been a very interesting, intelligent and openminded person with a lot of humor. I would have liked to have shared a few glasses of wine and philosophized with him.

abstract painting, available at munchies art club, feusi
FLOATING | Oil pastels | ink | acrylic | glue on paper

Who would you buy if you could?

I would buy the artwork of my friends, they create wonderful art and I would love to support them.

Where do you create?

Everywhere, but mostly at my Studio. It's a tiny room, I got from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. I love it, it's my little kingdom, my nest, it's like my playroom where I can mess around as I please and don't have to tidy up. It's my home.

studio, academy of fine arts, vienna, alexandra feusi
Studio | Academy of Fine Arts

Your favorite artwork?

I don't have a favorite artwork. I weave a web with my works, one creation links to the next. Everything is connected somehow.

What does your ideal studio look like?

Huge, so that I can realize all my megalomaniac art fantasies. I would have a lot of musical instruments, a DJ desk, huge sound systems, a fully equipped studio. A cozy corner full of mattresses, pillows and blankets, a kitchen, a garden, bathtub, or a pool, it should be close to a river or a lake (water calms me down a lot and I like ducks), Sunlight and large windows would be fantastic as well.

dancing in the artist studio with alexandra feusi, munchies art club
Alexandra Feusi | Studio | Academy of Fine Arts

Who are you?

Oh, my favorite question! I am still trying to figure that out, but I can't give you a definitive answer to that anyway. I am constantly changing, it would be boring if I didn't.

Why do you live in Austria? are you happy here?

I love Vienna since the first time I got here. People here are honest, straightforward, and pretty fun. Life is much more relaxed than in Zurich, where I come from. People are celebrating and enjoying life in Vienna, even if almost everyone always complains about it.  There is a lot to see in the alleyways, not everything is so posh, there are some fucked up spots and corners, I love that.  In addition, the city has a perfect size, not too big to feel lost and not too small, so that there is still a lot going on. Moving to Vienna and studying at the Academy of Fine Arts is probably the best decision I've ever made.

artwork, red, painting, abstract, young artist to discover , vienna
Untitled | Series When the world is too dirty, comes the rain

Do you travel?

Yes, I have never really gotten out of Europe, but I will change that. Besides that, I like to travel alone and wander through the places from morning till late, just strolling around without a plan and goal. I discover a lot of great unknown sights. Of course I am also happy about the well-known ones, but I rather prefer the little, hidden ones. I'm a hunter of inconspicuous things in everyday life.

Do you want to move?

Not at the moment.

If this question relates to dancing, then definitely yes!

colorful guineabig, artwork, available in our store,
Penelope the Guineapig | mixed media

Do you have a pet?

A few spiders and, now and then, some pigeons fly into my room to poop on my robe.


I have two very loving supportive parents in Switzerland, a sister and a brother, both medical doctors, and in Vienna my family are my beloved friends.

Describe you and your work in three words.

Quirky, honest, me

What kind of art do you make, characteristics, style, emotion?

I have mostly been drawing and painting so far, but I also do performance, installations, prints, short animated films, puppets, photography, collages, self-dramatization, music, text, three-dimensional figures, clothing, jewelry and some DJing as well. I experiment with all kinds of materials, techniques, and styles, and so far I've only tried a fraction of what I'm planning. There is still so much to discover, to experiment with, and to combine. I am a fairly emotional and moody person, but also very empathetic, which means that nobody has to suffer from my mood swings, but you can definitely recognize my mood in my art. I believe that the connecting element is the playfulness, the colors and my sense of humor. I'm always told that my particular style can be recognized throughout, even though everything is so different, that pleases me.

wall with a lot of artworks, academy of fine arts vienna
Art studio | Academy of Fine Arts

What is your creative process?

To create art is pretty much the only thing of which I never get tired. Generally, I have a hard time concentrating on just one thing, I allow anything to distract me, except in art. I am really addicted to it; I would even argue that for me it feels as important to my survival as eating or sleeping. There is nothing I would rather do.

quote , alexandra feusi, about her work and art practice

I can paint for sixteen hours without a break, and as soon as I have washed my brush and said good night to my painting, I already want to start painting again. I would not want to live without art, it is my life.

How do you create your work?

I usually go wild. I destroy the surface and then repair it and turn it into something new, and it's only finished when I like it. If I don't like a painting, it is painted over and thus provides the breeding ground for a good painting or another breeding ground again. I have different approaches. The starting point is always an idea I get of something that totally fascinates me, mostly things from everyday life, as I have already mentioned. I also see art as a kind of research, or I have a topic that I deal with, such as group dynamics, how do you feel in a large group?, group photos, visible and invisible hierarchical structures, family structures, how do you deal with children? Mostly personal topics. I usually work very intuitively in painting, I never sketch out anything and only very rarely use a model. I enjoy working more freely. I often have scenes/pictures in my head that I want to preserve. The one thing running through my entire work is drawing.

I draw every day, for me drawing is thinking with my hands and playing at the same time.

Make a statement:

I love life, and celebrate living and all the weird moments, strange traces, the funny, seemingly senselessness is my elixir of life. Even if life sometimes hurts extremely, it is like a pearl necklace, consisting of individual sparkling moments connected by inconspicuous intermediate pieces. Life is short and all you have are these moments. And as Neil Young said: 'It's better to burn out, than to fade away.'

Do you use social media?

Yes, here are my profiles:





alexandra feusi on instagram, image of her social media account
Social media | Instagram

I like the story function on Instagram because it is ephemeral and a great way to share the little funny finds in daily life. I also like to stage myself, I love the drama and transforming myself and playing different roles.

When do you do your best work?

When I am melancholic but my belly is full of love, when I am in a good mood and a little megalomaniac, when I am simply in flow and enjoying life to the fullest.  If I'm really down I can't do anything, I'm able to turn my inside out during a depressive phase but everything is so dark that it just pulls me down even more.  I'd rather just go for a walk or sit on the stones on the Danube Canal and greet all the ants crawling over my hands.

What makes you laugh?

A lot of things, I am known for my outbursts of laughing, which I have almost every day for no particular reasons and which always last far too long. I also often laugh alone, when I think or see something funny. I have an extremely visual thinking and a blossoming imagination, there is a lot to laugh about. My special profession is to find things incredibly funny that no one else considers as funny. Or my own jokes, I always laugh at them. When I was a child in school, the kid sitting next to me used to tell me not to laugh at my own jokes, because it's not suitable behavior I didn't take that to heart at the time, and I don't take it now either.

happy artist, new, abstract painting vienna
Alexandra Feusi | contemporary austrian artist

What is the craziest thing that ever happened to you?

I have already had some experience in my life, some of them really sad and bad, but these borderline situations have constructed my attitude to life, a basic gratitude for everything beautiful in my life (and that is really a lot), my tireless joy and curiosity and my burning passion for partying. I would love to celebrate every warm hug, every summer rain, every special cloud, every super sweet strawberry, every beautiful song, every fish that jumps out of the water, every chalk drawing, every prickly kiss, every snowflake I catch with my tongue, every warm memory floating through my head, every outburst. We celebrate far too little, it doesn't need a birthday, a holiday to celebrate life. All holidays are invented, why not create them yourself? It's an incredible, incredibly beautiful and magical miracle to be alive, if you are in a position to do so, celebrate it!

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