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Discover the work from the natural talent Sergio Borrego. Sergio is self taught and turned to painting he says in a strangely natural way. It became a way to put on paper bad experiences and twisted stories.

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January 13, 2021
sergio borrego, contemporary painter, france, mixed media, spray paint, emerging artist

Who is Sergio Borrego?

An autodidact painter, Sergio Borrego grew up in the suburbs of Paris, France. Borrego draws his inspiration from his suburban childhood, and also from bad experiences and twisted stories told to him by friends and family, which he then combines with his own stories.

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Sergio Borrego in his studio

Sergio Borregos work is an unfiltered take on unmasked human emotions such as anger, hate, humiliation and animosity.

His work also focuses on subjects such as gender stereotypes, sexuality and social discourse.

chalk on canvas, blue color, cat dragon, expressive
Catzor | Acrylic, Spray Bomb, Color Pencil, Greasy Chalk on canvas | 32cm x 162cm

We asked this young and very promising artist a few questions about himself and his work, and this is what he told us:

when or how did you find out you are an artist?

Let's say it came to me since I was a child, I had frustration from a very young age that needed to put its thoughts on all supports, no one around me, or my family was in the artistic or creative field, the connection was made all alone, instinctively in fact, strange casually.

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The artists studio

Then I started painting and I could see an infinity of possibilities.

Until I reached a certain stage where I wanted to develop my work, and already from that moment on I considered the term "Artist" as too pretentious, even obsolete, I prefer to use the term "Painter" which remains much more singular to me.

modern, collect, young art, authentic, encaustic, material, canvas,
Cops 2079 |2021 |Acrylic, Greasy Pencil, Spray Bomb, Color Pencil on canva | 160x167 cm

where do you come from, how did that influence you?

I come from a suburb in the south of Paris. The dark and indoctrinating atmosphere of my neighborhood was an endless struggle that gave me, when I was very young, the strength to get out of this hole, which made me want to impose abruptly, all my thoughts and feelings on the world that surrounded me and still surrounds me.

home studio, gallery, deviant art  zeitgenössischekunst, künstler, kunst online, imagery,
LaserShark | Acrylic, Spray Bomb, Color Pencil, Greasy Chalk on canvas | 132x162cm

where, when, how do you work best?

I can work anywhere, but currently, I work in my studio in Montreuil, at the Espace Albatros, a disused hangar near Paris.

In the middle of the night, alone, with my two spotlights and my playlist inundated with black metal, looping for hours on end. It's my way of being in a trance and of being able to work in power.

painter, paint, abstract, wall art, modern art, fine arts
Borregos Studio

where, how do you usually get inspired?

In fact, nothing and the unusual excites my curiosity and inspires me a lot, like the universe of fantasy;
Analyzing and decrypting hateful or dubious looks, special quirks, or an atmosphere of discomfort that individuals exude fascinates me, I have my list of words that I fill in daily as well, with which I refine my research, mainly with bad experiences and twisted stories that my friends and family can tell me or encounters that I usually have, and I mix all this with my own.

drawing on paper, modern, class, collect, young art, authentic, encaustic, material, canvas,
Untitled | Color Pencil, Greasy Chalk, Pencil on paper | 22x30cm

what are your newest projects?

A series of self-humiliating self-portraits, another longer series about metamorphoses in the human sexual realm, and another pictorial series about dreamlike landscapes.

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The painters work space

what are you working on currently?

For the moment, I am working on the aspect of my pictorial representations by advocating much more the grotesque and the humiliation transcribed on my works. And a collaboration and in preparation, related to the physical and social distancing, emitted by the sanitary situation of the moment between two completely opposite countries.

Short CV:

- Self-taught

- Artistic Residency, Chapêlmèle, Alençon Normandie, 2021

- Solo Exhibition, Paris Montmartre, 2019

- Group Exhibition, BLOOM Gallery, Place Vendôme, Paris, 2019

- Group Exhibition, La Dame De Trefle, Place des Vosges, Paris 2019

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Photo credits:

All images were taken by the artist.

A very big Merci a Sergio for accepting our invitation and sharing his exceptional work and story with us.

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