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Munchies Art Club magazine is thrilled to share the amazing work from contemporary Spanish artist Óscar Seco, who lives and works in Madrid, Spain. His work is critical, ironic, and extremely imaginative, letting us dive into his incredibly visual universes. His style is unmistakable, blending humor with pop cultural references, as well as historical borrowings and social commentaries. Enjoy the ride!

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April 7, 2021
oscar seco, contemporary pop surrealism, painting, artist to collect, science fiction, pandemic art, available work

Who is Óscar Seco?

Óscar Seco is a contemporary Spanish artist from Madrid. Óscar graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. In the class of Rafols Casamada at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid 1984.

trippy artsanity, pop art, pop surrealism, digital surreal, acrylic, surrealism, surreal,
Óscar Seco | Seres Imaginarios | 2018 | Ink on fabiano paper | 50x70cm

Óscar graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid.

In the class of Rafols Casamada at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid 1984.

simply cool design, design inspiration, arsenal artis
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

The artist shares with us work done exclusively during the Pandemic.

instagram, arte, visuals, finery, gallery, international, oscar seco
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

During the pandemic Óscar has been working from home.

color, interior design, love, amazing, daily art, style, artsy, artistic, modern, visual,
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

He set up a separate space where he painted a series of medium-sized paintings, which he kindly agreed to share with us.

collector, support artist, art watcher, colorful, artists, art studio,
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

Óscar Seco's work is amazing!

The paintings drag you into their world, into another dimension, instantly grabbing your attention with the vivid colors, the exquisit detail, diving you into a fantastic parallel world to explore.

art collective, spotlight world of artists, art therapy desenho,
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

We asked the artist to tell us a bit about himself and his work:

hyperrealistic art, project, conceptual, peinture, for sale, figurative,
The artist in his studio

The new series that I present in Munchies art club entitled #vamosamorirtodos* perfectly reflects the year of pandemic that all the citizens of the planet have suffered.

arty, abstract, arts, canvas, artgram, digital artwork, digital artist graphics,
Oscar Seco

Due to confinement problems, mobility, lockdowns ..., this past year I chose not to go down to my studio.

drawing, digital illustration, design, digital painting, contemporary,
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

This situation forced me to set up a small studio in my house where I have worked all year 2020.

surrealism, parallel worlds, fantasy, dreamlike, humorous, history, university,
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

In order not to complicate things at home, I decided to paint a series of medium-sized paintings 81 x 100 cm.

battles, oversize artworks, civil war, covid-19, pandemic, isolation,
In the artists Atelier

The series reflects with great irony the complex situation that we have had to live, and of course it is a compendium of all my obsessions narrated in my work in recent years, a world of infinite catastrophes where I can metaphorize with the situation that we have encountered.

super heroes, imagination, fantastic, mythology paradoxes, pictorial skill, geopolitics,
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

Catastrophe tinged with irony is a constant in my work, be it pictorial, model or videographic, and war and disasters are almost always present in my work.

Disasters change the course of history and have direct influences on art, politics and culture.

circulo des bellas artes, madrid, spain, la caixa foundation, museo nacional reina sofia
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

I like to relate them in a playful, iconoclastic and ironic way with appropriate characters, from comics, literature, cinema or history itself, for example in the series dedicated to the Spanish civil war, where superheroes or monsters from Japanese series B are mixed with characters from our own historical memory.

spanish, pop culture, complutense university, fine arts, giant monsters, vintage space crafts,
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

In my work there are constant references to a forgotten childhood, to a shared childhood, temporarily located in the last half of the last century.

dodo bird extinct, birds, extinct animals, realistic, painting, artworks, wall art, original
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas
„Art has to function as a critical voice, harsh but without acrimony, as an opponent to this air of complacency that surrounds and drags us“.
collect art, unique piece, spanish, space ship, science fiction art, museum, war, fighting, battle,
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

I have always liked drawing and painting, in the mid-70s it was very difficult to find images that I liked to copy, there was no internet and the illustrations that could interest me were found in encyclopedias or specialized books on natural sciences, cinema, or history of mankind,

but I did have faster access to the typical collections of stickers of that time, albums about the human body, dinosaurs, history of civilizations, great battles, etc.

dinosaurs, dutch, destruction, ufo, sci fi, mural, portrait, interview, story, discover, explore
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

My father at that time worked for a Valencian trading card publisher, so from my earliest childhood I had access to all that wonderful world of full-color illustrations.

It made me discover a new world.

fireflies gallery, psychedelic, comic, humor, dreams, critical, current affairs, diarist of our times,

Oscar Seco | Exhibition view #vamosmorirtodos

Another of my great passions is the world of graphic design and especially of posters, from Soviets of the beginning of the last century, war posters (which will be a subject later treated in the series that I dedicated to the Spanish civil war ), advertising, or movie posters.

nineteenth century dutch painting, viewing room, universe, 2021, curated by, available work, support
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

I still remember with amazement premiere films such as Taxi Driver, 2001 Space Odyssey, The Dirty Dozen, Carrie etc, films that in most cases I did not quite understand, they frightened me but they expanded my imagination enormously.

collect art, collectors, collections, series, artist to watch, to collect, online art store,
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

The ones I liked the most were those double sessions where I discovered the Planet of the Apes saga, the Japanese monster movies of Godzilla, those of James Bond, those of World War II, or all those related to seventies science fiction such as Soylent green, A Man Alone, or The Andromeda Strain, summing up between this type of cinema where everything ended badly and my incipient taste for comics,

especially superheroes and my first forays into XIX century literature mainly of adventures, Jack London, Stevenson, Kipling, Ambrose Bierce, Salgari or Verne.

catastrophic scenes, ironic, pictorial, videographic, spanish civil war, forgotten childhood,
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

Last individual exhibitions

2020 Domus Artium Museum DA2 Salamanca - Spain

Kafell Gallery. Zaragoza, Spain

monsters from Japan, philip k dick, critical voice, drawing, new world, valencia, graphic, godzilla,
Oscar Seco on the right

2018  Blanca Soto Gallery, "Sobredimensionados" Madrid

Gabinete de dibujos."Seres imaginarios" Valencia

the andromeda strain, kipling, bierce, salgari, verne, literature, posters, world war 2,
The artists studio
„Oscar Seco stages parallel worlds, apocalyptic visions, superimposed universes connected by arborescent or intestinal traces that link nature with machines of destruction."
stickers, machines of destruction, unique piece, interview, feature, story, awesome,
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

The cinema in general influences him, and especially the series B, the fantastic literature from Borges to Philip K. Dick, poster design or graphic design, are reflected in a work where political correctness does not exist“.

science fiction art, parallel worlds, fantasy, imagination, fantasy, magical, fictional,
Oscar Seco

work on canvas, vamos a motif todos, we are all going to die, life and death
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas
*The translation of #vamosamorirtodos would be #weareallgoingtodie
japanese monster, larger than life, another world, Spanish contemporary painter,
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

18th century, style, painting, dutch, realistic, life like, fine arts, online art platform
#vamosmorirtodos | 2020-21 | 81 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

A very big thank you to the wonderful artist Óscar for sharing his work and his story with us.

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