Béatrice Dreux | Contemporary painting | Rainbows and Octopus

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March 2, 2021
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Béatrice Dreux | Contemporary Painting

Beatrice Dreux is a French contemporary artist from Versailles. She studied art at the University of Applied Arts and Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

In 1999 she received the Schindler Scholarship in Los Angeles. Beatrice has had international exhibitions in the National Gallery of Cairo, at the Secession in Vienna, the Museum of Modern Art in Salzburg, Lentos in Linz, and the Ace Museum in Los Angeles.

The artist lives and works in Austria.

Who is Béatrice Dreux?

Béatrice Dreux is a French contemporary artist from Versailles.

moon drunk, sacral luminescence,  layer, aesthetics, point dualistic, picturesque,
Béatrice Dreux | Artist portrait | Photo credit @Maria Ziegelboeck
mimesis, imitation, stardust, france, vienna, versailles, greece, black, dark, glitter,
Béatrice Dreux | Dark Octopussy | 2019 | Acrylic, silver paint, oil pastels on canvas | 230 x 190cm
canvas, female, feminism, mythological creatures, shiny, adorning, contemporary
Béatrice Dreux | Octopussy | 2016 | Acrylic, silver paint on canvas | 230 x 190cm

The artist tells us a bit about herself

I grew up with my very young mother.

She studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and she often had to take me with her to lectures.

My father, who was much older was in the Algerian war.

These two extremely different realities shaped my way of thinking to this day.

As a single Mother i have less time.

The mainstream get's stronger and liberty fades away so i watch out.

Being far away from the every day life is brilliant and has a big impact to my life and my work.

I try not to respond directly on whats going on outside.

art, paint, octopus, octapussy, rainbows, thick paint, wet, color, bright, pink, dots,
Exhibition View | KIT - Kunst im Tunnel | 2019
forms, ancient, present animal , humanlike, portraits, abstract, figurative, dynamic,
Béatrice Dreux | MEDEA | 2016 | 230cm x 190cm

Literature was the first possibility to feel understood and at home.

A bit like a deal with the devil.

Not important.

The time in the studio is holy.

Residences are a great possibility to work.

motifs, religious, history, childlike, georg baselitz, heroes, legacy, paint, painting,
Lentos, Kunstmuseum Linz | 2017/2018

I am highly interested in abstraction and the inner state of mind.

Right know art grows in the shadow.

Success is overrated.

For me its important to be good contextualized.

I am working on a series of rainbows and very dark clouds.

It's painting.

Neither objects, nor people, nor everyday items are shown.

In a way the images work like ICONS, but without a religious aspect.

icons, objects, spherical, clouds, tears, drops, god images, oil, chalk, mortal, acrylic
Béatrice Dreux | Cosmic Octopussy | 2018 | Acrylic, silver paint, oil pastels on canvas | 230 x 190 cm
paint, mixed media, canvas, work on paper, dolls, life size, viewing room, interview,
Detail | Cosmic Octopussy | 2018 | Acrylic, silver paint, oil pastels on canvas | 230 x 190 cm

Spherical things like clouds, tears/drops, God- images and OCTOPUSSYS have been the main topics of my work in recent years.

Whether the work is finished is determined by if they breathe.

The works are mostly dominated by the color black and brown in all its facets.

Oil chalk, mortal, glitter, and acrylic paint are the materials.

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Béatrice Dreux | Cloud with tears and one shell | 2019 | 190 x 200cm | oil, oil pastels, glitter on canvas
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Detail | Big Dark Cloud | 2019 | 200 x 200cm | Oil, acrylic, oil pastels, glitter on canvas
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Béatrice Dreux | Silver Octopussy with rainbow | 2019 | Acrylic, silver paint, oil pastels on canvas / 210 x 180 cm
art space, gallery, studio, zeitgenössische kunst, modern, imitation, available,
Béatrice Dreux | Red Rainbow | 2019 | Acrylic, oil pastels, glitter on canvas190 x 230 cm
figurative, abstract, naive, special, awesome, larger than life, wall art, beautiful, buy
The artists Studio | View | 2019
art online, viewing rooms, safe, religious, solo exhibition, platform, store, shop
Béatrice Dreux | God with tongue
lunar, artful, playful. los angeles, museum, ace museum, modern art, salzburg,
Detail | God with tongue
lentos, linz, sezession, wien, schindler stidpendium, national gallery cairo, versailles,
Béatrice Dreux | Octopus Cloud | 2019 | 230 x 190 cm, oil pastels, acrylic, glitter on canvas
university for applied arts, academy, vienna, austria, gifted, talented, scholarship,
In the artists studio
available, art wall, framed, global, affordable, inspirational, awesome, ancient
Béatrice Dreux | Octopussy with green mouth| 2019 | Acrylic, silver paint, oil pastels on canvas | 230 x 190 cm
contemporary painting, wet, color, dark hues, black, brown, work on canvas
In the artists studio

Small bio

Beatrice Deux was born in Versailles in 1972.

She received her diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria.

Her paintings have been subject of numerous solo exhibitions.

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Béatrice Dreux | Blue mouth | 2018 | 200 x 180cm

Shows 2020-2021

Germany, Sidney Ogidan Gallery, Vienna (2020)
Artist residency Program, Paris (2021)


Portrait top of feature @Maria Ziegelboeck

Portrait bottom of feature @Yasmina Haddad


#sacralluminescence #stardust #layeraesthetics #mythologicalcreatures #dots #octopus

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Béatrice Dreux | Artist portrait | Foto credit @Yasmina Haddad

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A big thank you to the brilliant artist Béatrice Dreux for sharing her wonderful work with us.