The (Divine) Comedy | Curator Salvatore Viviano

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October 19, 2021
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Visit the exhibition "the divine comedy" curated by Salvatore Viviano at gallery Raum mit Licht, Vienna.

The concepts of carnival—masks, floats, freaks, inversion, otherness—form a shell to inspect blurred lines: tragedy becoming comedy, comedy becoming tragedy, a dismantling of hierarchies—gloomy-gay imaginings of offhand comedic maelstroms and ultraviolet mental alibis. -- (from essay by Estelle Hoy)

The exhibition, the divine comedy curated by Salvatore Viviano at Gallery Raum mit Licht Vienna is part of curated by–annual gallery festival with international curators in Vienna. This year ́s theme Comedy.

gallerie raum mit licht, vienna, austria, contemporary art

Quick Information:

The (Divine) Comedy
Curated by
Salvatore Viviano
Featured Artists: Bruce LaBruce, Booze on Boobs, Gabriele Edlbauer, Julia Goodman, Prince Richard
Venue Gallery Raum mit Licht, Vienna
Exhibition 04.09 –22.10.2021
Photography images copyright and courtesy of the artists & Raum mit Licht

bruce labruce, gabriele edlbauer, julia goodman, sculpture,
Lonesome Rider by Gabriele Edlbauer | 2019 | Raum mit Licht Gallery | Photo Kunstdokumentation

The (Divine) Comedy or The Spell as Art Practice

devine comedy, curated by festival, vienna, salvatore viviano
Raum mit Licht | The Nose Has Had It by Gabriele Edlbauer, Julia Goodman | Image: Kunstdokumentation

MIDWAY upon the journey of our life I found myself within a forest dark, For the straightforward pathway had been lost.–La Divina Commedia, Inferno, Canto I

Lost, I was. Then, Julia, Bruce, Gabriele, Booze and Prince came my way.

The (Divine) Comedy brings your best dreams and worst nightmares together. Your life is the stage, you won the Oscar for the Best Supporting Role.

richard prince, artist, artwork, madonna , benito mussolini, exhibition view
MM-Too Ready To Made by Prince Richard | Photo by Documentation

Julia Goodman, Bruce LaBruce, Gabriele Edlbauer Booze on Boobs, and Prince Richard have something in common, something crucial, something that can only be revealed, understood and misunderstood, by stepping into The (Divine) Comedy.

divina comedia, online exhibition, viewing room, available artworks
Dakota by Julia Goodman | Raum mit Licht Gallery | Image by Kunstdokumentation

(Car)mirror on the wall, who’s the naughtiest of them all? The Spell as Art Practice.

Divine is big, bigger than life, someone says she died, but who should we trust? Well, your guts, what else?

cindy crawford, materialism, fun, colorful, original artworks
Shake your Political Correctness by Richard Prince at Gallery Raum mit Licht Vienna | Image by Kunstdokumentation

Divine is the Queen of Comedy, like Dante was the Queen of the Italian language: queens, queens every-where, but why too many kingdoms then?

Sick and tired of such a dichotomy? The artists could help you. Masks will fall.

installation, queen of comedy, sculptor, female artists
Raum mit Licht, Liquid Courage by Gabriele Edlbauer | Image Kunstdokumentaion

Your dating app profile says you’re a bottom. Sweet, but how many lies are you capable of saying on public television?

Can you write a Billboard hit? Can you rule a country? Masks will fall.Comedy, what a succulent risotto, what a fat lasagna.

instaalaion, artworks, ed, interior, design, yellow, international artists
Raum mit Licht, Rost Stinkt Rundum Muldeservice by Gabriele Edlbauer | Image: Kunstdokumentation

Eat it! Julia Goodman, Bruce LaBruce, Gabriele Edlbauer, Prince Richard, Booze On Boobs, Bruce Goodman, Gabriele Prince, Julia Richard, Prince On Boobs, Booze LaBruce, possibilities are infinite.

Riding a banana while staring at the ceiling, in bed, what a treat, be our guest.

A hustler will charm you to death. Lipstick extravaganza.

julis goodman, bruce labruce, gabriele edlbauer, prince richard, banana
Raum mit Licht, The Gift that Keeps on Giving by Gabriele Edlbauer and Julia Goodman

Are you vaccinated? You will probably be eaten by nasty seagulls anyway. You are welcome.

And because we believe in the power of one-liners, of distorted visions and of true lies, we will leave you with a cryptic question that you will have the rest of your life to answer: what time is it?(town), July 2021.

cryptic messages, child like, lights, wall artworks, online viewing room
Grown Apart by Julia Goodman, 2021 | Image Kunstdokumentation

Munchies Art Club says thank you to Josephine Wagner, the artists, the photographer and of course the fantastic curator: Salvatore Viviano

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