Innocence Jake Fagundo at Sulk Chicago

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October 12, 2021
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Visit the artist Jake Fagundo at the Sulk gallery in Chicago entitled Innocence

One of our featured artist at the Munchies Art Club has a new exhibition. Jake Fagundo at the Sulk Gallery Chicago presents his new work entitled "Innocence. You can visit the show if in town from 09/10/2021-10/31/2021.

About the Jake Fagundo Exhibition Innocence by Max Capus

INNOCENCE is defined by a distinct split in imagery. Photographic and video-based images from Fagundo’s childhood are gesturally re-represented and posed in seemingly direct opposition to paintings of state and federal investigative documents. Both serve as proofs to us as well as to Fagundo: proof of a past innocence, as well as proof of his incarceration and the then-impending court case.

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Install View (left to right)  "Here’s your man, I got proof", 2020 60 x 48 in Oil on canvas  "Anger is an energy", 2021 16 x 20 in Oil on canvas  "Ain’t no way in the world I’m goin’ out that front door", 2021 16 x 20 in Oil on canvas  "Model citizen in every way", 2021 16 x 20 in Oil on canvas  "Always be a good boy and never play with guns", 2020 16 x 20 in Oil on canvas  "Welcome to the terrordome", 2020 16 x 20 in Oil on canvas

Leaving all of us, including him, wondering what happened and if federal indictment makes him any less of the boy who once paraded around dressed as Dracula?  Nevertheless, there we were wondering not only what happened, but more importantly, what was going to happen?

installation view, viewing room, art, jake fagundo, chicago
Install View "Hope it don’t rain all day", 202148 x 60 inOil on canvas

While meditating on twenty years ago, Fagundo was simultaneously meditating on a potential twenty year prison sentence. Appropriating images that indicate a future and past to process this duality oddly places the work in the here and now.

currently on view, art exhibition, chicago
"Watch ‘em come to life right before your eyes", 202116 x 20 in Oil on canvas

Just as much as they are reflections of an endearing childhood gone by and the anticipation of a not so hopeful future, in combination, the paintings serve as snapshots of the purgatory Fagundo found himself in right then, and right there, as he painted them. That is to say, INNOCENCE is not only about the reality of what has passed and what was to come, but about the present reality of looking both ways.


contemporary art exhibition, chicago, emerging artists, painting
Install View (left to right)"Anger is an energy", 2021. oil on canvas,16 x 20 in"Ain't no way in the world I'm goin' out that front door", 2021. oil on canvas, 16 x 20 in"Model citizen in every way", 202116 x 20 inOil on canvas"Always be a good boy and never play with guns", 202016 x 20 inOil on canvas"Welcome to the terrordome", 202016 x 20 inOil on canvas

Regardless of the legal case, there is a universal sadness about the work that lies in the inevitable loss of innocence that accompanies growing up, a sadness in the necessarily ambiguous nature of the future, and a sadness in the present recognition of each. And while the paintings are certainly evidence of Fagundo wondering if he had thrown it all away, they are also proof to him, and to us, that he didn’t. -Max Capus

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Install view (left to right)"Here’s your man, I got proof", 2020 60 x 48 inOil on canvas"Anger is an energy", 202116 x 20 inOil on canvas

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Contact and Location | Gallery

Sulk Gallery Chicago

525 S Dearborn St. Unit 209. Chicago, IL 60605

Sulk Gallery on Instagram

Credits and Images:

Jake Fagundo and Taylor Payton

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