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Onka Allmayer-Beck & Sarah Bogner | Pink is like red but not quite | Gallery Raum mit Licht | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

Sarah Bogner & Onka Allmayer-Beck | Pink is like red but not quite at Gallery Raum mit Licht Vienna

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Contemporary ceramics | Onka Allmayer-Beck | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

Sarah Bogner and Onka Allmayer-Beck exhibit artworks from the last two years under the title Pink is like red but not quite at gallery Raum mit Licht.The two artists work in different media - painting and ceramics, respectively. 

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Pink is like red but not quite | Gallery Raum mit Licht | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

They have different premises and backgrounds, and have only known about each other recently.

Nevertheless, it is possible to see loose connections between their paintings and objects, and it is not difficult to find them.

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Onka Allmayer-Beck| Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

Sarah Bogner's paintings are based on a reduced repertoire of forms that the artist constantly alters and develops.

Her subjects or rather signs, which are extremely flat on the canvas with egg tempera and ink, are pink horses and other species such as a kind of Halloween jack-o'-lantern with a hat. 

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Sarah Bogner and Onka Allmayer-Beck | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

These demonstratively good-humored, almost little silly creatures are organized individually or as organically inter-grown groups on the surface.

They are as close to classical modernism as they are to comics and cartoons. 

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Exhibition Pink is like red but not quite | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

The painting “Marilyn” (2021), for example, shows that horses are also capable of smoking in a casual way.

Bogner's works play with character configurations and image details, with surfaces and light, and also with perspectives and lines of sight. 

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Sarah Bogner Pink Horses and Onka Allmayer ceramics | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

While most of the works offensively look for contact with the outside, the communication in “Vier Blasse Grazien” (Four Pale Graces) and “Vier Grazien Gotik” (Four Graces Gothic) (both 2021) takes place within the boundaries of the image. 

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Gallery Raum mit Licht | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

Bogner's creatures are hybrids in their mixtures with other species as well as in their oscillation between figuration and abstraction. 

Clear, silhouette-like forms meet the dissolution of contours, plan meets chance, cutout means meet the effects of watercolor painting. 

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Sarah Bogner | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

In the process, color shows itself in the most diverse aggregate states, generating gradients and cloud-like formations.

The ceramics of Onka Allmayer-Beck are also characterized by anthropomorphizing moments and hybridity. 

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Onka Allmayer-Beck | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

In a programmatically vague way, they move somewhere between architectures, vessels, plants, and monster-like entities. 

The organic is as inherent to them as the mechanical; similar to the figures and objects of a plasticine film, they seem to be in constant motion and metamorphosis. 

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Sarah Bogner | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

Blow instrument and tentacled creature come together in “No.130 -Trompeten Krake ( Trumpet Octopus)”. “No.128- Hohes Haus (High House)” is both a building and an arthropod. 

“No.138” plays with the visual language of roots, while “No.135 (Ukraine)” (all 2021) is related to drain pipes. 

Their condition would probably be different today if their form had not been preserved in the kiln. 

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Onka Allmayer-Beck | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

Allmayer-Beck, a graduate fashion designer and illustrator, also sees her ceramics as useful objects. 

But even though they can be used to store things, as candlesticks or otherwise, they offer some resistance to the language of well-formed design. 

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Pink is like red but not quite | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

The surfaces and contours are uneven, dented and charmingly distorted. Imperfection is their greatest asset.

But the glaze - predominantly skin tones, mustard and curry colors - also gives them the appeal of a highly polished product.

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Smoking horses and ceramics | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

The “But not quite” in the title applies, although in different ways, to the works of both artists.

It can be heard in the exhibition like a refrain: as a rather soft but cheerful melody.

Esther Buss

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Sarah Bogner | Image credit: @Kunstdokumentation.com

We thank the gallery Raum mit Licht for sharing the exhibition Pink is like red but not quite and the artists Sarah and Onka for their wonderful art works, Esther Buss for the text and always a pleasure to post images from the photographer Kunstdokumentation.com