Titania Seidl | See it as a stranger might | Bildraum 07

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October 27, 2021
titania seidl, exhibition view at bildraum 07 vienna
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titania seidl, text based art, wall, oilpaintings, see it as a stranger might, by austrian artist and painter titania seidl
Titania Seidl |The big skirt inflating before blowing up or The monumental pumpkin lantern igniting before glowing up | 2021 | 200x120 cm | Watercolor and oil on canvas | Image by Rudolf Strobl

Titania Seidl Exhibition at Bildraum 07 Vienna entitled "See it as a stranger might"

Titania Seidl's work concerns itself with the brittle informative value of images. In her show at Bildraum 07, Titania Seidl shows both her paintings, defined by diligent observation, and a text piece printed directly onto the gallery walls. Munchies Art Club Magazine is delighted to show the exhibition in our current online viewing room  section.

exhibition view, bildraum 07, new exhibition , contemporary paintings and text based art on wall
Exhibition View | Bildraum 07 | See it as a stranger might by Titania Seidl

The paintings, both large and small in format, show fragments of motifs taken out of various narrative contexts.

bildraum 07, current exhibition entitled see it as a stranger might by female artist titania seidl
Bildraum 07 shows new works by Austrian artist Titania Seidl | Exhibition Title: See it as a stranger might | Images by Rudolf Strobl
detail of a yellow oil painting with floral white overlay, by titania seidl
Titania Seidl artwork | Bildraum 07 | Withering, thin, parchmentlike skin cupped in the hollow of my palm / 2021, 30x15 cm | Oil on wood | Image Rudolf Strobl

The subject matter, found in historical archives, recorded in contemporary everyday life or collected in the stream of digital imagery surrounding us, comes together on the picture plane to form a new whole.

artwork by austrian female artist and contemporary artist titania seidl
Artwork by Titania Seidl at Bildraum 07 Vienna | The three looking glasses or The three magnifying glasses or The hour glass2 | 2021 | 200x120 cm,| Watercolor and oil on canvas

The artist thereby evokes a loose narrative, that is also reflected in the lines of texts seemingly floating across the exhibition space.

text based art, an wall, with 3 oil paintings by titania seidl
Exhibition View | Titania Seidl at Bildraum 07 Vienna
text based artist, titania seidl, and contemporary paintings,
Room 2 | See it as a stranger might | left: Three friends, waiting in line | 2020 | 24x18 cm | Oil on wood |
right: last month’s shedded skin hung out to dry | 2021 | 200x120 cm | Watercolor and oil on canvas
slippers, blue painting, female artist, titania seidl, figurative
Titania Seidl | Three friends, waiting in line | 2020 | 24x18 cm | Oil on wood | Image by Rudolf Strobl

Anecdotal moments intertwine with historically charged objects as the artist switches between different narratorial perspectives.

current art exhibition, titania seidl, viewing room, text based art
Titania Seidl | Faces distorted into pixelated visual static, voices a delayed, alien sounding crackle | 2021 | 200x120 cm | Watercolor and oil on canvas |
Songs of the early 20’s | 2020 | 24x18 cm | Watercolor on wood

exhibition view, bildraum 07, current exhibition, painting and text based art
Faces distorted into pixelated visual static, voices a delayed, alien sounding crackle | 2021 | 200x120 cm | Watercolor and oil on canvas

All Images by Rudolf Strobl

Additional Information:

Bildraum 07

Burggasse 7-9
1070 Vienna

Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday: 1 - 6 PM

Website Bildraum 07


Finisage and Artist Talk with Nina Schedlmayer ( Art Critic) on Thuesday 16. November 2021

wanted to matter, see it as a stranger might, contemporary painting
Songs of the early 20’s2020, 24x18 cm, watercolor on wood

Further Information about Titania Seidl:

Titania Seidl (*1988) lives and works in Vienna. She has recently shown at White&Weiss Gallery, Bratislava; Raum mit Licht, Vienna; Jan Koniarek Gallery, Trnava; Daihatsu Rooftop Gallery, Vienna; Bruch und Dallas, Cologne; Quadrado Azul, Porto/Lisbon; White Dwarf Projects, Vienna. 

Website Titania Seidl

Titania Seidl on Instagram

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