Ani Schulze with Lovers + Hunters at Kunstverein Siegen

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October 13, 2021
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Lovers and Hunters by Ani Schulze at Kunstverein Siegen | Curated by Jennifer Cierlitza

In the exhibition ‚Lovers & Hunters‘, Ani Schulze combines sculpture, painting, drawing, and video art to create an enigmatic narrative in which the living and the non-living, the human and the non-human, blend with each other.
Visit the current exhibition at Kunstverein Siegen, curated by Jennifer Cierlitza.

kunst verein siegen, current exhibition, viewing room, installation view, ani schulze
Installationview: Ani Schulze, Lovers & Hunters, Kunstverein Siegen | Credits by Simon Vogel

About the exhibition Lovers and Hunters

Through interweaving different materials such as ceramic, polymer, and steel she references mythological and personal stories. Hybrid and vulnerable characters form a surreal landscape and dreamlike scenarios.

The installation creates an atmosphere in which desires, fantasies and feelings are negotiated. In doing so she explores contemporary developments such as/ of ideology, globalization, faith, and digitalization.

exhibition view, lovers and hunters, munchies art club magazine, review
Á la Fontaine (Powers), pencil and watercolors on paper, 50x64,5 cm, 2021 | Credits by Simon Vogel

Ani Schulze treats the architecture of Kunstverein Siegen as an organic structure: The shop win-dow symbolizes a mouth, or an entrance to the body. Two hanging sculptures offer external protec-tion like guards. Different materials and techniques reference skin and muscles.

The figurative sculptures (Les Chiens de Garde, The Fluteplayers, The Lover, and Jasmin) appear in different roles: as lovers and guardians, as lucky charms and travelers, transcending time and space.

viewing room for art galleries, ani schulze. at kunstverein siegen
The Lover, painted steel, fabrics, ceramics, metal 200x70x50 cm, 2021, Jasmin, steel, fabrics, ceramics, 190x72x25 cm, 2021.

Throughout the exhibition, couples and duos reappear. They negotiate opposites, ambiva-lences, and dualities among themselves, to which the title of the exhibition Lovers & Hunters also refers |Credits by Simon Vogel

“Flint House Lizard” theory by Russian scientist and cosmologist Alexander Chizhevsky (1897-1964)

The film “Flint House Lizard”, as the permanent pulsating heart of the exhibition, creates a surreal microcosm in which people, animals, plants, economy, animate and inanimate things and bio-tech-nical hybrids are interwoven.

Moving between fable, reality, and speculationthe filmreflects how social structures and current forms of populism influence people.

The Lover, painted steel, fabrics, ceramics, metal 200x70x50 cm, 2021 | Credits by Simon Vogel

Natural landscapes, haptic detail shots and worm-like crea-tures are contrasted with computer-generated images from mass simulation software.“Flint House Lizard” takes its cue from a theory by Russian scientist and cosmologist Alexander Chizhevsky (1897-1964). He claims that social evolution and mass movements are both related to and influ-enced by periodic solar cycles.

installation view, les chiens de garde, ani schulze, kunstverein siegen
Les Chiens de Garde I, quilted fabrics, watercolors on cotton, coins, bottle filled with water from the Seine in Paris, cap, copper, rope, 184 × 97 × 4 cm, 2021, Lest Chiens de Garde II, quilted muslin and mesh, linen, acrylic paint, cap, tennis ball, aluminum, rope, 194 × 100 × 2cm, 2020 | Credits by Simon Vogel

Using fables, animation, and collage, Schulze allegorically depicts the reciprocal relationship be-tween the body, technology, control, and space. With their strong directness and colorfulness, the works tell about a permanent search for alternative identities, spaces, and change. Ani Schulze's exhibition Lovers & Hunters leads visitors through various states of longing and exis-tence into a surreal cosmos.

flint house lizard, russian scientist and cosmologist alexander chizhevsky
Flint House Lizard, HD-Projection, ceramcics, polymer, carpet, leaves | Credits by Simon Vogel

About the artist Ani Schulze

Ani Schulze (*1982) studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, the Glasgow School of Arts and the art academies in Düsseldorf and Karlsruhe.

Her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions, screenings and talks, at, among others, the Salzburg and Kölnischer Kun-stverein, I: Project Space in Beijing, SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE in Frankfurt, Galerie Nagel Draxler/ Reisebürogalerie in Cologne, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and Extra City Kunsthal in Antwerp.

The exhibition is sponsored by BBK Neustart Kultur, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, and the E.ON Foundation.

More about her work, please visit her website Ani Schulze Website or follow her work and exhibitions via Instagram:

Ani Schulze on Instagram:

Additional Information:

Exhibition Location: Kunstverein Siegen, Kornmarkt 20, 57072 Siegen

Save the date: 04.11, 7PM.: Artist Talk with Ani Schulze, Oriane Durand, Jennifer Cierlitza at Kunstverein Siegen,

Documentation and Credits by Simon Vogel

kunst verein siegen, current show, window, outside, curated by jennifer cierlitza
Installationview: Ani Schulze, Lovers & Hunters, Kunstverein Siegen | Credits by Simon Vogel
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