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Christine König presents Sofia Hulten, Thilo Jennsen
On view in Vienna

UPPERS AND DOWNERS | Sofia HULTÉN & Thilo JENSSEN | Christine König Gallery

Christine König Galerie presents UPPERS AND DOWNERS by Sofia HULTÉN & Thilo JENSSEN on view in Vienna till the 26 Nov 2022.
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ALBA Gallery

“Divine desires” by the contemporary artists Marie Munk & Stine Deja

ALBA Gallery Schleifmühlgasse presents the exhibition “Divine desires” by the contemporary artists Marie Munk & Stine Deja
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Piraeus port | Athens

Explore the art scene in the Ancient Greek port of Piraeus. Discover a new, growing and promising contemporary cultural hub. We visited the Rodeo, the Intermission and the Carwan galleries on a small street just off the bustling port of Piraeus. There, on Polidefkous street they turned old warehouses into exciting contemporary art spaces not to be missed.
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This year at Parallel we are showing our global audience one of the major galleries in Vienna: Christine König ant König2 by Robby Greif with two awesome artists: Marusa Sagadin and Thilo Jenssen . It was a blast ...
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Top Art Fairs

Nicole Gnesa Gallery with Philip Grözinger at Parallel Art Fair 2020

We love art, I guess you can see that. There are days when we fall in love hard. This happened at this year's Parallel Art Fair. We entered the dark walled space of Nicole Gnesas' room. There hung the artworks of artist Philip Goezinger. Enjoy!
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7 Galleries in Vienna during Curated by Vienna 2020

Sometimes you forget just how impressive it is when you are going on with daily life. We always look forward to city walks combined with an artistic program. The gallery festival "curated by" is one of our favorites. We sit excitedly before maps of Vienna, drawing with red pencils the paths we will take, connecting the dots between the Galleries, planning to get lost on the way.
koenig gallery, vienna , by robby greif, exhibition, top shows in vienna, 2021
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KOENIG2 by_robbygreif | Sigrid Viir | False Vacationer

Explore the wonderful exhibition of the artist Sigrid Viir at the KOENIG2 by_robbygreif titled False Vacationer currently on view!
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Kourd Gallery Athens | A Grammar of Gestures

Kourd Gallery Athens, presents the group exhibition 'A Grammar of Gestures ' with the contemporary artists Maria Capelo, Mark Lammert, Michael Markwick, Béatrice Dreux and David Benforado
gallery lisa kandlhofer, markus redl, exhibition, online viewing room
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Markus Redl | FLUSS MITTE | Gallery Lisa Kandlhofer

The Gallery Kandlhofer presents Markus Redl's new solo exhibition FLUSSMITTE! The core of the exhibition is Redl's newly published artist's book 'Flussmitte - Porträts der Dinge'. It contains drawings from the last 5 years, including visual testimonies from the time of the pandemic and its aftermath. Images originating from the narrowest (living) space of the Viennese artist.
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Pink is like red but not quite

Onka Allmayer-Beck & Sarah Bogner current exhibition Pink is like red but not quite presents two artists working with different media, one paints and the other makes ceramics and still there is a wonderful symbiosis between their work shown.
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Grand Slam |  Laurent Ajina | Giese und Schweiger

There is a close connection between breathing, freedom, and movement when I work. Drawing a one- metre-long line on a wall on a five-meter-high ladder, I get the same feeling as when I play a backhand on the court. My paintings show square or rectangular forms linked through perpendicular and parallel lines. For me, the shapes are also connected to devices and to how we constantly interact with all these screens on mobile phones et cetera. In my big chaos of lines, I like to open these windows that are focal points for the eyes and allow me to introduce emotions through colour. Laurent Ajina
georg haberler, artist, exhibition review, munchies art club magazine, vienna
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Georg Haberler | fAN- Fine Art Network

Discover the wonderful and playful show of Austrian newcomer Georg Haberler at fAN-Fine Art Network Vienna
jürgen teller at könig gallery vienna
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Jürgen Teller + Harmony Korine | Christine Koenig Gallery

Christine König Gallery Vienna presents the exhibition Jürgen Teller and Harmony Korine
ani schulze, artist, exhibition view, video installation, kunst verein siegen
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Ani Schulze with Lovers + Hunters at Kunstverein Siegen

Currently at Kunstverein Siegen: Ani Schulze's exhibition Lovers & Hunters leads visitors through various states of longing and exis-tence into a surreal cosmos. Curated by Jennifer Cierlitza
jake fagundo, artist, contemporary painting, chicago, munchies art club magazine, review
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Innocence Jake Fagundo at Sulk Chicago

Jake Fagundo at Gallery Sulk Chicago with his new exhibition " Innocence.
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Gallery AAAA | Katharina Schilling and Stine Ølgod

Munchies Art Club share with you the exhibition of contemporary artists Katharina Schilling and Stine Ølgod presenting their artworks at the Viennese Gallery AAAA. If you have the chance and are in Vienna, take the time to visit the exceptional space in the 20th district.
kunstverein siegen, munchies art club, online viewing room, eva berendes, alexandra leykauf, curated by jennifer cierlitza, germany, contemporary art
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Kunstverein Siegen Eva Berendes & Alexandra Leykauf

Munchies Art Club share with you the exhibition Window Shopping with Eva Berendes and Alexandra Leykauf at Kunstverein Siegen
siggi hofer, artist, vienna, vesch, art club, exhibition, munchies
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Siggi Hofer at Kunstverein Vesch | Vienna

Siggi Hofer exhibition in our Viewing Room Feature ! At ARt Club Vesch Vienna. Discover his Show, Gift Basket online.
hans gallery, chicago, nada, art fair, viewing room, new art dealer alliance
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Hans gallery chicago open new art dealers

Hans Gallery takes part in the NADA - New Art Dealers Alliance Chicago Gallery Open presenting its group show Collage. Discover the exhibition .
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