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Exhibition Submissions

Welcome to our Munchies Art club submissions page for exhibitions, shows and presentations. If you want to submit an exhibition please follow our guidelines below. We have set up the submission application in such a way that all you have to do is fulfill the requierements and adhere to our following standards:


A poorly filled out application form. We are a small group working hard to make your representation a professional and successful experience and dont really have the time to remind you of important information you have left out or correct major mistakes.

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Our Guidelines

  • on view exhibition only
  • name of the space and duration of the exhibition
  • participating Artist or Artist names and Exhibition title
  • press release as a PDF file (Invitation)
  • exhibtion text as a PDF file
  • all Images must be labeled (artist name, title of image)following example must be followed: no capital letters, no symbols. The label must contain: first name artist-lastname artist-name of work-exhibition-munchies-art-club-jpg Example.: ernst-koslitsch-ufo-exhibition-munchies-art-club.jpg
  • pdf listing all Works ( title, technique, size, year)
  • link to your page ( Website)
  • credits of the images , copyright of the photographer
  • name and email adress of who we should contact
  • data: only JPG files ( installation shoots and individual works)
  • image size should be high resolution 300dpi and 2000 pixel wide
  • video links to Vimeo ( only)
  • we accept dropbox files, with a shareable link that allows us direct access to a high resolution images. So if using dropbox please use share a link do not invite us to join a folder.

We will check the show based on your Date and Information.

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What we do with your application:

Once you have fulfilled our application formalities and we have accepted your application, your exhibiton will be presented on our website and linked to your website.
We will share the event on our social media infrastructure including your artists name, the gallery name and title of the exhibition with images and any other pertinent information.

Agreement and contact data

Please take note that to be able to work together you must first read and agree to the terms of our privacy policieand terms of use

Please send your submissions to:
Depending on the amount of applications we receive, we want to kindly inform you that we usually get back to you within 5 working days, but it can also take up to a month depending on the present work load.

We thank you in advance for choosing us

Till then all the best

Dominique Foertig