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With the featured artist series, we give art lovers the chance to discover, explore and buy works from a curated selection of talent. We offer art from students of the Academy of Arts, as well as emerging and established artists. At the Munchies Art Club, you can discover original and unique contemporary sculptures, photography, paintings, drawings, and installations.
Josephine Wagner, owner of the Viennese gallery 'Raum mit Licht' shares a selection of her artist's in our online store.
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Feel free to reach out to us if you need something, and we will do our best to support and help you.
The Munchies Art Club cares for its artists, offering a safe space to present and sell their artworks. You too can support and collect artists globally over our Munchies art club platform. Enjoy.

Munchies Art club Mission: Reach and visibility for artist Content . Support the artist with a share: Do it, now!

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