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The contemporary artist Mathis Pauer is constantly questioning boundaries of determinism, social behavior, hierarchies of aesthetics, to name a few. Exploring through his painting process, seeking to find a profound sense of what we call intelligence and how to use it in a valuable way.

There he feels a connection with a higher consciousness or subconsciousness, from which he receives inspiration for further projects. Fed by seemingly endless sources from the virtual worlds of the internet, the contemporary history of painting, cartoons, all kinds of personal experiences, all filling gaps in reaching an understanding through pranks, sarcastic statements, and also sometimes on a more dispiriting note.

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Divided table| 2019 | Mixed media on canvas | 210 x 180cm

He builds layers of subject matter and various meanings throughout his Oeuvres. Where cubist painters tried to show objects simultaneously from varying perspectives, Mathis tries to show subjects and ways of abstraction from different ways of thinking about them. Sometimes in a manic manner, and sometimes in a conceptual approach or a medley of the two. Therefore, providing a feeling and visualization of a world that never stands still and can never fully be understood, in just one way.

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