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Karin Fisslthaler

Collage | DJane | Artist | Video | Installations | Experimental design
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Karin Fisslthaler | Gallery Raum mit Licht | Vienna

Karin Fisslthaler (*1981 in Oberndorf near Salzburg, AT) studied Experimental Design in the department of Fine Arts at the University of Arts in Linz. Fisslthaler works as a fine artist and electronic musician under the name of Cherry Sunkist. She currently lives in Vienna.

Many of her videos, works on papers and installations stem from her response to the way the media portrays the human body and how that affects notions of identity and communication.

Found material is the primary source, which she collects, deconstructs and rearranges, often by means of cutting the material, whether it is audio, film material, books or photographs.



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