Five new artworks from our featured artist Stefan Wiens

Our talented featured artist Stefan Wiens shares new work on the Munchies Art Club online magazine. If you havent already done so follow the artist on Instagram, you can find the link below! Enjoy!

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Sculpture: Mouse | Mixed media on styrofoam, cast in aluminium | 35x15x15cm

modern, abstract, large artworks, unique, color, available
Untitled | Mixed media on canvas | 60x50cm

framed, unique piece, available ,wall art, young art to collect
Jersey on stretcher | 80x60cm

framed painting, abstract, dark colors, interior, international
Untitled | Acrylic on paper, in white artist frame
stefan wiens,  munchies art club, magazine, contemporary,  feature
Untitled | Acrylic on paper, in white artist frame