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Spark art fair | Contemporary international galleries and artists | 2021

Spark art fair | Contemporary international galleries and artists | 2021

The new Spark art fair | Marx Halle | Vienna

spark art fair, contemporary artists, international galleries
View of Marx Halle | Copyright: Kurt Prinz / SPARK Art Fair Vienna 

Wow! is the best and easiest way to describe the new Spark Art Fair in Vienna, saddly coming to an end today, but definitely here to stay.

Last chance to visit the Fair at the Marx Halle. ⁠

If you haven’t been yet, and are interested in contemporary art you should seriously head to the Spark website and arrange tickets right away! ⁠

What to expect?⁠ See here impressions of the Art Fair, with contemporary art galleries like : Hilger, Zeller van Almsick, Krinzinger, Exile, Martin Janda, Raum mit Licht, Kandlhofer, Sophie Tappeiner, AAAA Gallery, Jecza, Hubert Winter, Wienerroither & Kohlbacher, Artelier Contemporary, KOW Berlin, Charim, PSM gallery, Kunst & Denker, Naechst St. Stefan, Knoll, VIN VIN, and Petra Martinetz to name a few.

Showing art from incredible artists such as: Jakob Lena Knebl, Jonathan Meese, Ida Szighety, Oliver Dorfer⁠, Jeremy Shaw, Anna Boghiguian, Peter Kogler, Sophia Süßmilch, Nilbar Güreş, Nschotschi Haslinger, Lawrence Weiner, Zoran Music, Kurt Kocherscheidt , Tincuta Marin, Ákos Birkás and Ernst Koslitsch are some of many to see.

curators, marx halle, art collecting, young art, modern
Gallery Kandlhofer presents the artist Karl Karner

The SPARK Art Fair offers the perfect opportunity to dive into the contemporary world of a divine selection of artists with amazing work, and incredible stories. 

post war, collectors, museum, potential collectors, renger van den heuvel
AAAA Gallery presents the artist Malte Zander
interview, story, solo presentations, brand new art, installation, art lovers, 
Zeller van Almsick gallery presents in the Interface – Contemporary New Media and Digital Art section the artist Tilman Hornig

Renger van den Heuvel and his team definitely created an incredible event, which succeeded under these difficult circumstances to attract all kinds of amazing visitors. 

Gallerists took the risk and invested into this new art fair because it was coming from someone they respect and trust.

sabine breitwieser, tevz logar, marlies wirth, post-modern, art, digital
Jecza gallery presents the artist Tincutan Marin
sophie tappeiner, irina lotarevich, sculpture, kunst-dokumentation com
Raum mit Licht gallery presents the artist Ernst Koslitsch | Photo credit:

The atmosphere at the fair is intimate and at the same time open. 

Glass in hand one almost dances throughs the open space moving from one booth into the next. 

In and out, story after fascinating story, just the way I like it. 

petra martinetz, sophia süssmilch, c-print, germany, cologne
Galerie Hubert Winter presents the artist Lawrence Weiner
elisabeth and klaus thoman, johannes wohnseifer, bronze
Exile gallery presents the artist Nschotschi Haslinger

The gallerists all seemed happy and glad to share, enjoying ones company talking and reconnecting after all these months of seclusion.

christine könig, thomas reinhold, nancy spero, unique hand print
Sophie Tappeiner presents Irina Lotarevich
martin janda, nilbar güres, photography, mixed media, fabric, artist
Wienerroither & Kohlbacher presents Kurt Kocherscheidt

The Spark art fair finale is here. 

Tonight the doors will close and we will have to wait till next year in March for the next Spark fair. 

gallery winter, vienna, laurence weiner, original artwork, unique piece
Kow Berlin gallery presents Anna Boghiguian
gallerie exile, nschotschi haslinger, ceramics, modern, art, brand new
Artelier Contemporary presents artist Peter Kogler

I cant wait to get back today. 

I will suck in all this incredible energy, all I have learned, seen, and fallen in love with in these past days. 

contemporary art fair, austria, spark, emerging artists, raum mit licht
PSM gallery presents artist Nadira Husain
georg kargl, fine arts, jakob lena knebl, art gallery, austria, booth
Gallery Martin Janda presents artist Nilbar Güreş

I am posting this and then I am off again, to spend hours surrounded by amazing people, meeting new ones, seeing old faces and just getting immersed in a magical world. 

collectors, collecting, museums, institutions, universities, innovative
Charim Galerie presents artist Ingrid Wiener
art lovers, featured art, spotlight, contemporary art, fair, messe, wien
Naechst St Stefan presents artist Luisa Kasalicky

If you haven’t been there yet then I truly recommend you take the time and head to the Fair on this fine day and make it a memorable one.

kunst messe, spark, marx halle, neu, zeitgenössisch, interview, exklusiv
Kunst & Denker present Banz & Bowinkel
international, national, viewing room, new media and digital art
View of Marx Halle | Copyright: Kurt Prinz / SPARK Art Fair Vienna 


The gallerists are incredibly friendly. ⁠
When you enter their space and they start telling you the story behind the artist, behind the work, you become immersed into a magical world. ⁠
Plan to eat there too, the food is delicious, the service top, and the venue one of the coolest in town.

⁠We were lucky to be there  for the opening and it will remain an unforgettable event.

Big applause and a big thank you to Renger van den Heuvel and his incredible team for this really wonderful event.⁠


Spark Art Fair Marx Halle photographs courtesy and copyright: Kurt Prinz / SPARK Art Fair Vienna 

Image of artwork Ernst Koslitsch photo credit:

All other images courtesy @Ernst Koslitsch

For more information on the Spark Art Fair and to buy tickets

SPARK Art Fair



Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19, 1030 Wien

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