This years Parallel sounds exciting and is definitely worth a visit to get unique access to contemporary art in a great setting.If you want to know who is participating a current list of all exhibitors is available on their website: Parallel Vienna

This year,  their curatorial team has again invited around 30 ARTIST STATEMENTS and artistic interventions to enter into a discourse with the building and the rooms.

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Parallel Vienna 2020 | Social distancing at artfairs during covid 19

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One such intervention is the Austrian artist Alfredo Barsuglia displayed on the large forecourt with a large-format sculpture entitled "Das Wunder" which means the miracle. The sculpture was created as a response to the corona pandemic and the associated lockdown, i.e. at a time when you could hardly see cars driving around on the streets.

Das Wunder | Alfredo Barsuglia | Kultur Drogerie.


Alfredo Barsuglia // Björn Segschneider // Claudia Schumann & BJ Nilsen // Erwin Wurm // Gisela Stiegler // Ma Jia // Maria Legat // Marko Lulic // Rupert Zallmann // Stefano Cagol

parallel vienna
The breathtaking View from the top floor | Image JP Immobilien

In this year's edition of PARALLEL VIENNA, one room will be equipped with a library. Acting as an archive for the 2020 fair, and present exhibition catalogs as well as artist books of the exhibited positions. The guests are invited to read these books, to discover and buy them.

Due to the current situation, they will unfortunately have to forego the popular, large opening and closing parties this year. Instead, a wonderful rooftop bar on the roof terrace of the building invites you to enjoy a panoramic view of the city with a few cocktails throughout the week. I will most certainly take this opportunity enjoy the art exhibited, and then as a finale I will enjoy the view, on the top floor, cocktail in hand.

We are looking forward to our visit, and will then write about our impressions - stay tuned!

Image credits go to:

JP Immobilien

Parallel Vienna