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December 13, 2020
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Our Munchies Art Club featured artist project presents to you incredibly talented artitst we have discovered on Instagram and are dying to share with you. Currently on view: Mathis Pauer, Bex Massey and Florian Raditsch Ucpoming December: Gabrielle Graessle, Karo Kuchar, Jake Fagundo and Laurentius Sauer! Discover more -->

The Munchies Art Club featured Artist Project

First Instagram was like twitter for me, it existed but I didn't really know why I should divide my time between Facebook and Instagram, with so little time at hand. Then I began to see Facebook as boring and uninspiring, staying only to stay connected with those who are far away yet dar to me.

laurentius sauer, young german painter, on view, at munchies art club
Laurentius Sauer | upcoming featured artist | December

It must have been on a Sunday lounging at home when I started to explore Instagram. It was different, faster, seemingly more to the point. Filtering my likes, without me having to do very much. I enjoyed replacing my words with pictures, adding possibly a few sentences, a hashtag or two.

There I posted pictures that I would not post on Facebook, even though my Instagram account is public. It’s the lack of words that present a moment in my life that is understood by my friends, connecting visually and digitally even if we are miles apart.

karo kuchar, spotlight, december, installation and art practice
Awesome Work by Karo Kuchar | Upcoming feature | Munchies Art Club

That's how it started. But then it morphed into a place of discovery, in a so much easier and open than the space Facebook had to offer me. Facebook informed me of events, my friend's birthdays, showed me where they were and how they were doing.

I can call them on messenger without knowing their phone number and not having to pay for the phone call. All very cool but that was it. On Instagram, a whole new and different door opened. I started seeing and discovering new artists and their artwork. Emerging, established, and famous artists, telling their stories through images.

jake fagundu, upcoming, featured, artist, chicago
Jake Fagundo | Painter | Chicago Spotlight | Featured Artist

Allowing the viewer to see them at work, enjoying time with their friends, their surroundings, their families, what food they ate, and what hobbies they have. A whole different connection took place.

The more I discovered these incredible artists, the more I wanted to share my discoveries with the world. Long story short, for a million different good reasons my munchies art club platform, was born.

florian raditsch, pencil, drawing, focus, munchies art club
Florian Raditsch | Detail of his drawing | Currently on View

The most important tool in my project's slow but steady growth has been Instagram. Instagram has been the enabler. The munchies art club team decided that we wanted to adorn our Instagram page with all our incredible Instagram finds. To show art and present shows we admire, mirroring our style and taste as a team.

mathis pauer, detail of his colorful painting, spotlight
Mathis Pauer | Detail of his Work | Our First Featured Artist

And so the featured artist was born. When we discover an artwork we are impressed by, we then go to the artist's page. Should we continue to like what we see, we contact the artist and ask if they want to take part. Luckily for us, most say yes.

We then take the time together, to build a feature around the artist sharing them or more correctly put showing off our fantastic finds on our space.

bex massey, featured artist, munchies art club, on painting
Bex Massey | Featured artist | Contemporary painting

Title Image: Upcoming featured artist Gabrielle Graessle on Munchies Art Club

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