Artnews | Art Fairs | 2020

Artnews | Art Fairs | 2020


Art Fairs, even if you have never been to one, are extremely important players in the art world. They bring galleries, artists, collectors, makers, press, curators together in one space and there they sell, collect, exchange, discover, connect and achieve international recognition.

The big names in the contemporary art fair world are names such as Art Basel, Switzerland, Frieze, London, United Kingdom, Art Miami, USA, Arco Madrid, Spain, to name a few. So what are they doing during these uncertain times of an ongoing pandemic? Canceled or not canceled, online viewing rooms and where are the classic art fairs 2020


In March 2020 famous galleries like Gallery David Zwirner - New York offered 12 Galleries a space free of charge on his website called platform New York. Jeffrey Deitsch partnered with Gagosian to open up a similar platform in L.A with over 60 Californian galleries, in the middle of May this year.

Sotheby Galleries are upcoming and about to also launch a platform for galleries to sell exclusive contemporary art online. Even Art Fairs like the Art Basel Hong Kong went online with viewing rooms showcasing over 200 leading international Galleries supporting them by creating visibility for them.

The upcoming Frieze New York 2020 art fair follows suit, by also presenting over 200 galleries that will present their established and emerging artists in virtual gallery spaces and online viewing rooms. The art market is under construction. Downfall or a new beginning, my bet is a new beginning with a bit of the old and a lot of the new.


Art Basel has been cancelled. You can visit their online viewing rooms, that will be going live on June 19th at 1pm CET. Art Basel Miami is still on and scheduled for December.

Basel Hong Kong had to be cancelled six weeks before opening day. Lucky for them they had already been working on showing parallelly artworks not featured in the booths, on an online platform, so the set up was already there for them to use.


Frieze showed over 200 Galleries on their art platform from 8-15 May on their virtual gallery space. Frieze has not cancelled their Fair that will be taking place in London on the 8-11 of October, 2020.


Arco, Madrid took place in February, people were already worried but it got away with a black eye and the sales numbers were very positive.

Tefaf Maastricht that took place in March had to close earlier as an exhibitor had contracted corona.


In Austria there are also important art fairs taking place yearly, Parallel 22-27 September, 2020 and almost simultaneously the Vienna Contemporary 24 -27 September, 2020 and new comers to watch Art Bodensee, unfortunarely had to cancel due to Covid-19, the fair that was to take place 3-5 July in Dornbirn, Austria has been postponed till next year.

The Art Messe taking place at the Museum Quartier will take place from the 26th to the 28th of June, 2020 showing exclusively Austrian artists from the 20th Century. These are just few of the art fairs taking place this year, and if you can't make it there personally,  there is plenty you can see online.

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