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Art Brussels | Raum mit Licht Gallery | Viewing Room

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This year is covid 19 year. The Art Brussels set up a online art fair with 180 Galleries. Raum mit Licht are also online with a artist selection. Enjoy

Art Brussels | Raum mit Licht Gallery | Viewing Room

Art Brussels | Viewing Room | Gallery Raum mit Licht | Vienna

We proudly inform you that our partner gallery raum mit licht is participating at this years Art Brussels 2020 presenting digital show rooms on their gallery viewer partner. Josphine Wagner from Raum mit Licht shows a selection of artists and their work on the art fairs online platform.

During the covid-19 pandemic all art fairs were cancelled probably till the Fall of 2020 even the famous Art Basel Fair has officially announced that they will not be showing in 2020. Those who could, concentrated on their digital art platforms and online viewing rooms, galleries, artists, exhibitions and fairs presenting themselves digitally.

Digital is not the same as physical but it definately offers the best opportunity to follow your artists, discover art and get in touch with galleries all over the world, it has opened endless opportunities to share art, to reach potentail art buyers and collectors. Achieving reach beyond the physical reach, not just now, but also in the future, changing the art world for good.

Munchies Art Club shows artworks on our social media accounts Facebook and Instagram.

Duration: 29. May - 15. June 2020
Participating Artists:
Sarah Bogner, Titania Seidl, Roman Pfeffer, Josef Zekoff and Ernst Koslitsch

Gallery : Raum mit Licht
Artfair : Art Brussels

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