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Alexandra Feusi joins Munchies Art Club


artwork, abstracted, alexandra feusi
Das Leben ist wie eine Soda Himbeer


We welcome Alexandra Feusi our third young artist studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her work is diverse and reflects Feusis outgoing open and fun Persona. She shows Guinea pigs and artworks with beautifully combined colors working together fluently, her work so different yet her signature style, so clear if you look carefully, it can be recognized throughout.

So far she has been concentrating mainly on drawing but also does performance, installations, prints, short animated films, puppets, photography, collages, self-dramatization, music, text, three-dimensional figures, clothing, jewelry and some DJing as well.

Alexandra Feusi loves to experiment with all kinds of materials, techniques, and styles, and she says so far she has only tried a fraction of what she is planning. We cant wait to see what she does next.