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Titania Seidl (*1988 in Vienna, Austria) is concerned with the construction of the female self and the narrative strategies that feed into this construction.

An avid reader of all kinds of fiction, Seidl is interested in both the auctorial voice (How do male narrators describe female characters?

How do female authors describe their characters?) and the corruption of that voice by appropriative techniques (the re-writing happening in the translation of texts into different languages, e.g.).

contemporary art, painter, feminine, female artist, emerging, modern, water color
Eyes of the beholder | Represented and provided by Gallery Raum mit Licht | Water color on paper | Unique piece | 25cm x 17cm

She then translates these concerns into paintings, a medium that's still emblematic for a certain image of male genius, yet also accessible to a non-specialist audience.

Seidl uses images from different sources - art history, subculture, comics, self-help literature, her own sketches - and tries to unbalance the hierarchies between these different sources, using the canvas as a unifier.

young contemporary artist, mauve, interview, story, available artworks, unique piece
Titania Seidl | Artist portrait taken by Neven Allgeier

Co-founder of art space MAUVE together with Lukas Thaler. Titania also works as assistant in the class of painting and animation at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

titania seidl, lukas thaler, artist, installation view, exhibition antroporary
Titania Seidl together with Lukas Thaler | Installation view | Antroporary


Einzelausstellungen (Auswahl):


Mary Sue (her raw gaze), Quadrado Azul, Porto (PT);
Mary Sue (her face reads like language), a271, Düsseldorf (DE);
WIDDER, white dwarf magazine, Vienna;

Prêt-à-porter, Centrum, Berlin (duo with Lukas Thaler)

like a tightly knotted ball of thread, refusing to unravel; destiny’s atelier, Oslo (NO);  
fists with your toes, Parallel Vienna

why the long face, black sphinx; Drop City, Newcastle (UK) (with Daniel Ferstl, Lukas Thaler)


composition w. potted plants, vases, drapery, marble,...; MUSA, Vienna
For Aliens When Humankind is Gone; mo.ë, Vienna (with Melanie Ebenhoch)


X. marks the spot; AIRY, Kofu City (JP)
a walk, a wall, some mountains; Showroom for Young Art, Vienna (with Laura Pöld)


Civility, the  ne forms, the old paintings and so on; Galerie ART, Brno (CZ)

Redox; Sammlung Lenikus STUDIOS, Wien (with Katharina Monka)
Inversion (degree show); Reisnerstr. 9, Wien

Gruppenausstellungen (Auswahl):
Anything Goes, White & Weiss Gallery, Bratislava (curated by Michal Stolarik); Destiny’s Gratinée, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo; The Hanging of Traitors in Ef gie, Belvedere21, Vienna (as part of Über das Neue); Wiener Salon, Brüssel; The Hanging of Traitors in Ef gie (Part II), Pencil Factory, NYC; In Spite Of, Porto (upcoming); Zone 1 Hamam, Vienna (upcoming)
The Yips, Gallery Céline, Glasgow (UK); Framed / Unframed, Raum mit Licht, Vienna; Unter Bildern, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna (curated by Anette Freudenberger); The Eventuality Dispenser, Fettes College, Edinburgh; Ergonomics, Material Art Fair, Mexico City; The Serious Fraud Of ce, Hotel Casa Blanca, Mexico City; Carved and Shaped by Proximity, Pina, Vienna
A painter’s doubt, Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg (curated by Seamus Kealey); stonewashed volume one (curated by Konstantin Lannert), Vienna; Monsone, Suprain nit Gallery, Bucharest (RO) (curated by Domenico de Chirico); Is she Iceman or is she Goose?, SORT, New York (US); Drop City, MUHKA, Antwerpen (BE)
Tropical Punch, Galerie Nathalie Halgand, Vienna (curated by Sabrina Möller); MAUVE, Club Pro, Los Angeles; Instagram Now!, Belvedere, Vienna; Summer in the City, Galerie Christine König, Vienna; nonstreaming artifacts, easyupstream, Munich; Die sonderbare Gegenwart zu zweit, _____Tim Nolas, Vienna; XENA, we are hercules, Munich
...sharing space, Alte Post, Vienna (kuratiert von Victoria Dejaco); The Hour Blue, FormContent, Vienna; dreaming dict cc, Skulpturinstut, Vienna; Ezara Spangl & Rainer Spangl, ve.sch, Vienna; Leicht gegenüber, Fuggerstrasse 40, Berlin (with Melanie Ebenhoch)
Joseph Helland / Titania Seidl / Franz Zar, wellwellwell, Vienna (curated by Melanie Ohnemus); one MAUVE gallery/ work, Vienna (with Daniel Ferstl, Lukas Thaler, Salvatore Viviano); Wellenlänge I, mo.ë, Vienna; Goofy, studios das weiße haus, Vienna; First Emerald, then Sapphire, then Black, Semperdepot, Vienna; beyond mimesis - the unwritten, mo.ë, Vienna

Stipendien / Preise / Residencies
2019 Artist in Residence bei a271, Düsseldorf
2016 Mentoring Programm für Künstlerinnen des Bundeskanzleramts 2015 Start Stipendium des Bundeskanzleramts
2014 Artist in Residence, AIRY, Kofu-Shi (JP)
2013/2014 Arbeitsstipendium des österreichischen Wissenschaftsministeriums 2012/2013 Artist in Residence, Sammlung Lenikus, Vienna
2010 Fred-Adlmüller Stipendium

white dwarf magazine #08 WIDDER, 2019
The Kink in the Arc, paulbecker1.xhbtr.com/, 2019
TITANIA, Black Pages #77, 2017;
a painter’s doubt, Salzburger Kunstverein, 2017 (with an Essay by Seamus Kealey);
Artist Lecture Series Vienna Transcript - Titania Seidl, 2017;
painting regarding the present, Naives and Visionaries, 2016 (with an Essay by Anré Hemer);
MAUVE at Club Pro Vienna, 2016 (Exhibition publication);
Melanie & Titania, 2015 (Exhibition publication) (with texts by Sarah Thomas, Jakob Breit);
sei niemals krass zu deinen brüdern (a mauve publication), 2015;
FOUNDATIONS Magazine, The Vienna Issue, 2015;
on fleek, issue 01 (with Daniel Ferstl), 2015;
X marks the spot (exhibition publication), 2014;
Redox (mit Katharina Monka), 2013 (exhibition publication)