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Peter de Meyer and Geukens de vil Belgium

Peter de Meyer | Behind the Artist

Peter De Meyer (Antwerp/Belgium, 1981) is a close observer of his environment, translating his views in conceptual images.

Collective memory and the art world are his playground.

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Peter de Meyer | Installation | Heads and tails | 2017

A large part of his works starts from the idea that objects, ideas and situations carry a long history and evoke a range of associations, both in individual and collective memory.

With his creations – often subtle interventions in content and context – De Meyer cuts across predisposed expectations and creates the preconditions necessary to make the invisible visible.

This blurs the line between reality and fiction, and the objects, ideas and situations are subsumed under a new logic or enriched by a fictitious course of life.

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Peter de Meyer | The Visitor | 2012

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Official Website : Peter de Meyer

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Gallery Geukens de Vil
| Antwerp | Knokke

Collaborating with Gallery: Raum mit Licht

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