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Paula Hummer
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Paula Hummer

Who is Paula Hummer?

About 20 years ago I was very fortunate to meet Auri. Auri and her best friend Eschi were eating at the restaurant Zum Finsteren Stern where I was working at the time, and for some reason or another the day being  so magical, the wine being so good, they decided we shall be friends; and so it was.

Auri has twin girls. Paula and Maria. That was the bonus of being Auris friend, her two amazing daughters.

The thing that stood out most was that they would one day be brilliant artists, the things they made and drew, it always blew my mind. For the past 20 years I have watched them blossom to such incredible personalities. Now they are all grown up and it is with great joy that I present to you Paula Hummer and her seducing photographs.

Paula is now studying photography in Hamburg at the HFBK.

Paula always knew she would become an artist. In her childhood she drew and painted till she discovered photography and she then never painted again.
From Painter to photographer.

I was about 14 years old sitting in the kitchen and desperately trying to finish a painting of a really ugly nature-realistic cat when my father walked in and i think out of a joke said: „why don't you just take a picture.“

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