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Anna Stemmer Dworak
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Anna Stemmer Dworak

Anna Stemmer Dworak | Living and drawing the mountains

Anna Stemmer Dworak ( 1979, Austria) grew up in the Großen Walsertal in Voralberg. She came to Vienna, to follow her studies of photography and painting at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. When she completed her studies, and had spent 15 years in Vienna, she returned to her Valley and settled there.

Today the artist, lives as a free illustrator, together with her husband and three children in the small local community called Thüringerberg with just 710 Inhabitants. Her drawings and illustrations are strongly influenced by the spectacular beauty of her
surroundings. Thüringerberg is located in a valley, surrounded by mountains and mostly untouched nature, just a few miles from the borders of Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

Anna loves the solitude and even though she has three young children, she makes it a point to paint and draw every single day.

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