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Nika Kupyrova | Woman in Green | Solo exhibition Bildraum 7

Published on
December 13, 2022
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The munchies art club is thrilled to present the solo exhibition of the artist Nika Kupyrova titled "Woman in Green" taking place at the Bildraum 7 in Vienna, Austria.

Kupyrova explores the mythology of Agatha Christies character Henrietta Savernake

nika kupyrova, contemporary artist
Nika Kupyrova | Photo by Janine Schranz 

Nika Kupyrova's solo exhibition "Woman in Green" is presented by Bildrecht in cooperation with the VIENNA ART WEEK 2022

Bildraum 07

Burggasse 7-9, 

Vienna 1070

Opening hours: 

Tuesday - Friday: 13:00 - 18:00

The exhibition is on view till the 11th of January 2023

bildraum, vienna, austria, exhibition
Bildraum 07 | Nika Kupyrova | Photo by Janine Schranz 

In her solo exhibition at Bildraum 07, artist Nika Kupyrova explores the character of the sculptress Henrietta Savernake from Agatha Christie’s novel “The Hollow”. 

nika kupyrova, bildraum 7
Installation view, close-up |  Nika Kupyrova | Photo by Janine Schranz 

Taking inspiration from the classic ‘artist documentary film’ genre as much as from ASMR social media clips, “Woman in Green” is an exploration of mythology around the artist’s figure. 

nika upyrova, contemporary art daily on view
Installation view | Nika Kupyrova | Photo by Janine Schranz 

“The Hollow” (Agatha Christie, 1946) is a classic country house mystery and yet an unusual novel for its time because of its many female protagonists and psychology-driven narrative. 

installation view, woman in green
Detail of work | Photo by Janine Schranz 

Imprisoned in their social roles, women of “The Hollow” are expected to behave according to convention: the dazzling Hollywood actress; the devoted wife; the aristocratic and witty lady of the house; the stubbornly independent working girl. 

video installation, bildraum wien
Video installation by Gerald Zahn @geraldzahn and Nika Kupyrova |  Bildraum 07 | photo by Janine Schranz 

The key to the puzzle is in understanding that the characters’ true motivations are in contradiction to their assigned identities: at first glance a murder mystery, “The Hollow” is actually a feminist and social critique. 

Within this variety of characters, the exhibition focuses on the sculptress Henrietta Savernake. 

vienna contemporary art on view
Nika Kupyrova | Photo by Janine Schranz 

Appropriating parts of the novel that constitute Henrietta’s inner dialogue and her yearning and failure to realize her sculpture, “Woman in Green” examines an image of a woman artist as seen from the outside. 

nika kupyrova, kulturelle einrichtung bildrech
Bildraum 07 | Photo by Janine Schranz 

Moody, coffee-drinking, introspective Henrietta is being observed — by the novel’s author and its readers and now by the exhibition audience. 

munchies art club online art magazine
Exhibition view | Nika Kupyrova | Photo by Janine Schranz 

Taking inspiration from the classic ‘artist documentary’ genre as much as from ASMR social media clips, “Woman in Green” is an exploration of mythology around the artist’s figure. 

Text: Kathrin Heinrich - Art Historian

exhibition, on view, now
Bildraum 07 | Photo by Janine Schranz 
woman in green, solo show
Solo exhibition Woman in Green | Nika Kupyrova | Photo by Janine Schranz 
installation view, exhibition bildraum
Contemporary exhibition on view | Nika Kupyrova | Photo by Janine Schranz 
new shows, contemporary art
Detail | Nika Kupyrova | Photo by Janine Schranz 
artworks, shows, galleries, vienna
Nika Kupyrova | Photo by Janine Schranz 
bildrecht, artists, shows, kupyrova
Nika Kupyrova | Woman in Green | Solo exhibition Bildraum 7 | Photo by Janine Schranz  

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