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D.I.T = Do it Together | Exhibition Space

Kristina Kulakova | Curated by Paula Marschalek at DIT | Do it together Exhibition Space Schleifmühlgasse Vienna

DIT. is currently showing the exhibition titled “Dancing Around Suffering, Finding light in darkness” .

Munchies Art Cub was there on the opening day and we truly enjoyed the show.

Presented by the Silent Gallery, showing the artists are Kristina Kulakova and Evgeniia Kazarezova
and curated by Paula Marschalek. 

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Dancing Around Suffering, Finding light in darkness - Kristina Kulakova

The exhibition deals with often negatively connoted aspects of suffering, offers an alternate way to find balance, freedom, and peace in life. Inspired by mediation, and personal experiences, Kulakova sees life as a dance around suffering, in which something positive can always occur, enabling us to overcome given problems and reconsider the way of life. 

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Dancing Around Suffering, Finding light in darkness - Kristina Kulakova

She will show the photographic series “Dancing around Suffering” as well as new artworks that create a dialogue with the unique architecture of the space, providing new perspectives, and unexpected views. 

Especially, for the space and the exhibition, she designed a curtain that draws attention to the inner processes of suffering, and allows a glimpse behind the facade, into the private, into the inner mind.

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Dancing Around Suffering, Finding light in darkness - Kristina Kulakova

For an interactive sculptural element, Kulakova invited the designer Evgeniia Kazarezova to collaborate and introduce her sculpture “The Chaos Dome”, a sculpture for flowers, which examines how letting go chaos and the unpredictable in one’s life, enables comfort and peace for one’s self. 

The question "What's on your mind?" and the playful possibility of arranging flowers individually according to one's own feelings, calls for interactivity and allows for a collective reflection.
The exhibition enables the exchange of intimate, personal moments of suffering. 

It should remind us and make us aware that we are not alone. 

Everyone suffers, searches for the meaning of life, constantly evolving and finding solutions.

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Dancing Around Suffering, Finding light in darkness - Kristina Kulakova


Kristina Kulakova is Russian-born, Vienna based photographer, instilling her unique vision throughout her work. 

With a focus on the cohesion between art, lifestyle, and culture, she notably captures individuality in all forms of the environment, with a strong ability to portray a sense of emotion in any subject. 

kristina kulakova, what is on your mind
Evgeniia Kazarezova | “The Chaos Dome”, a sculpture for flowers

For Kulakova, photography is an instrument to explore the duality of the word and humans' appearance in it. 

The artist uses photography as a key tool to perceive life and give it a focal point, merging the important and elusive into one. 

She searches for that perfect moment of stillness after an exhale and before an inhale, and balance between spirit and matter.

evgeniia kazarezova, sculpture, flowers
Evgeniia Kazarezova | “The Chaos Dome”, a sculpture for flowers


Evgeniia Kazarezova started her professional career as an architect and later as an interior designer and now she continues to work with space by placing her objects in it. 

Using traditional craftsmanship methods, she creates contemporary design objects that reflect her vision and feeling of the modern world's actualities.

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Evgeniia Kazarezova | “The Chaos Dome”, a sculpture for flowers

About Paula Marschalek

Paula Marschalek is an Austrian art historian and cultural manager. 

She is a freelance writer, curates shows, and moderates. 

With the communication agency Marschalek Art Management, she develops individually tailored communication strategies for artists and cultural workers.

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Evgeniia Kazarezova | “The Chaos Dome”, a sculpture for flowers

DIT.= Do It Together

DIT. supports and produces relevant cultural events that connect galleries with art lovers and collectors, highlighting art & design, locally, regionally and globally. 

Through cultural partners, programming, and curatorial vision, DIT. offers year-round opportunities for dialogue, engagement, and inspiration. 

Address: Schleifmuhlgasse 1, Top 11&12, AT-1040 Vienna

Opening hours see details of the current show & on appointment, at DIT. Vienna

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DIT. Schleifmuhlgasse 1

On view:

Wed – Fri 13.00 – 19.00
Sat 11.00 – 14.00


3.09.2022 13:00

@ DIT. Schleifmuhlgasse 1, T11-12, 1040 Vienna

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