Gallery 3 Klagenfurt presents Alfredo Barsuglias new work "Pille" !

for Munchies Art Club Magazine
Gallery 3 | Klagenfurt
Published on
January 28, 2023
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Munchies Art Club is thrilled to share Alfredo Barsuglia's first solo exhibition "Pille" at Galerie3 in Austria features paintings, objects, and large pneumatic pills. The exhibition offers a unique and fantastic spatial experience, with clear and poetic image motifs and graffiti sprayed directly onto the gallery walls.
munchies art club magazine presents the exhibition submission, alfredo barsuglia at gallery 3 klagenfurt
Alfredo Barsuglia | Exhibition View "Pille" at Gallery 3 Klagenfurt | Image by the Artist

Alfredo Barsuglia | PILLE

In his first solo exhibition at the Galerie3 entitled "Pille", Austrian artist Alfredo Barsuglia showcases various works, primarily paintings and objects, created in the past year, which are brought together in the exhibition to form a narration.

installation view, gallery 3, klagenfurt, exhibition title, pille
Installation view current exhibition at Gallery 3, Klagenfurt Austria | Artist Alfredo Barsuglia

Large pneumatic pills and pill-shaped objects run through the entire exhibition. They dominate the exhibition architecture and determine the movement space of visitors, who find themselves amidst clear, poetic image motifs of a fantastic spatial situation.

stunning bird, drawing with wood, art installation, Klagenfurt, austria
Alfredo Barsuglia "Pille" | Gallery 3 Klagenfurt | Image by the Artist

The precisely executed paintings are combined with graffiti sprayed directly onto the gallery walls.

blue graffiti, contemporary art exhibition, at gallery in Klagenfurt
Contemporary art in Klagenfurt | Gallery 3 presents "Pille" by austrian artist Alfredo Barsuglia

However, these graffiti are not images, writing or symbols as we know them from the urban environment, but geometric surfaces that extend the picture space of the canvases and, in their large-scale gestures, counterbalance the minimalist picture subjects.

contemporary art installation, wallpiece, and painting, wood, white wall
On location: Visit the Exhibition "Pille" by Alfredo Barsuglia at Gallery 3 Klagenfurt

In numerous public space projects such as "Social Pool" in the Mojave Desert, "Mariainsel" in Fürstenfeld, or "Abriss" in Graz, Alfredo Barsuglia deals with social values and the boundaries and transitions between public and private.

gallery 3 exhibition, pille, by austrian artist Alfredo barsuglia
Exhibition view: Pille by Alfredo Barsuglia at Gallery 3 Klagenfurt

About the Artist:

Alfredo Barsuglia (*1980, Graz) has received numerous awards, including the Monsignore Otto Mauer Prize, the Vienna City Art Promotion Prize, and the Theodor Körner Prize. In 2006, the MAK-Schindler scholarship allowed him to stay in Los Angeles, followed by other scholarships, including a work scholarship as part of the Art Promotion Prize of the state of Styria (2021).

His works have been shown, among others, at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich (2022), the Kunsthaus Graz (2021), the Tallinn Architecture Museum (2021), the Konschthal Esch in Luxembourg (2020), the Kunstforum Wien (2019), and the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles (2019). Barsuglia teaches at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna on the topic of "Public Space and Media". He lives and works in Vienna

Additional Infos:

Duration: 14. Jänner –25. Februar 2023

Location: Galerie3Lena FreimüllerAlter Platz 25, 2. Stock/LiftA-9020 Klagenfurt

Website Gallery 3

Instagram Accounts: