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Artist Melike Kara presents Landing Softly at Neue Galerie Gladbeck

Published on
November 25, 2022
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We are pleased to present the artist Melike Kara's solo exhibition Landing Softly at the Neue Galerie Gladbeck. Curated by Luisa Schlotterbeck !
art now at neue galerie gladbeck, installation view, contemporary art daily, with paintings on concrete arist melike kara
Melike Kara | Khorjan (afshar), Yomus (zard) | 2022 | Image: Jana Buch, courtesy of the artist and Neue Galerie Gladbeck

Landing Softly at Neue Galerie Gladbeck with Artist Melike Kara

Currently on view is the exhibition from the artist Melike Kara at neue Galerie Gladbeck titled " Landing Softly".

Curated by Luisa Schlotterbeck.

Closing Date 8.01.2023.

Images by Jana Buch

artviewer, contemporary painting, exhibition view, landing sofly , abstract painting
Melike Kara | Sofresh | Oil stick and acrylic on canvas | 200 x 220 cm | 2022 | Image: Jana Buch, courtesy of the artist and Neue Galerie Gladbeck

Landing Softly Press-Text by Tomke Braun

In her artistic practice, Melike Kara works with painting and installation, for which she takes up symbols, narratives and craft techniques of the Kurdish-Alevi culture.

Influenced by her own family history, Kara refers to the transmission of cultural traditions in "landing softly".

With her works, she asks about the significance of memories for our existence and how the past is perpetuated in the present.

contemporary painting by melika kara, abstract art 2023, gladbeck
Melike Kara | Yomud (zard) | 2022 | Oil stick and acrylic on canvas | 200 x 220 cm | Image: Jana Buch courtesy of the artist and Neue Galerie Gladbeck

The turbulent history of the Kurds, marked by migratory movements, is mainly passed on orally, but is also reflected in the transmission of cultural traditions and the preservation of ritual sites.

Due to the difficult stateless status in the areas inhabited by the ethnic group in Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq, there is still a lack of institutional archives and places of remembrance.

Complementing the oral tradition culture, Kara creates a visual access to customs and traditions, some of which are already disappearing.

With her artistic practice, she takes the place of a chronicler who, with her subjective gaze, gives new shape to the cultural heritage of her ancestors.

neue galerie gladbeck, exhibition currently, installation view, concrete wall, painting and fabric on the floor
Melike Kara | Yomud (zard) | 2022 | Oil stick and acrylic on canvas | 200 x 220 cm | Image: Jana Buch courtesy of the artist and Neue Galerie Gladbeck

One of the richest and most diverse traditions, in which the eventful history of the Kurds is reflected without equal, is the production of carpets.

The weavers adapt familiar patterns, recombine them or change them according to their geographic proximity to other tribes, their personal aesthetic sensibilities or the material conditions.

art on view, great german gallery location , concrete wall, abstract paintings
Melike Kara | Landing Softly, Exhibition view | 2022 | Image: Jana Buch, courtesy of the artist and Neue Galerie Gladbeck

This fluid and ongoing design process produces a wide variety of motifs that form a unique material heritage of Kurdish history.

It is the freedom of further development that Kara also claims for herself when she takes up the geometric and ornamental patterns of Kurdish carpet motifs and incorporates them into her paintings and installations. 

Kara has developed a distinctive style of painting in which she uses oil pens and works with the lines visible through them.

detail of the painting, concrete walls, abstract, oilstick, munchies art club magazine
Melike Kara | Kordi afshar | Detail | Oil stick and acrylic on canvas | 200 x 180 cm | 2022 | Image: Jana Buch, courtesy of the artist and Neue Galerie Gladbeck

She always concentrates on a few colours per painting, a limitation that underlines the two-dimensionality of her paintings. For "Khorjan (afshar)" (2022), she grounds the canvas in silver and adds red tones as well as shades of grey and white.

Lines applied with a quick hand bundle together to form the patterns, which initially appear abstract.

Despite their referential origin - the titles of the paintings refer to the regions from which the underlying carpet ornaments originate - the resulting structures remain ambiguous and open up a large space for interpretation. 

landing softly exhibition view, curated by luisa schlotterbeck
Melike Kara | Landing Softly | 2022 | Image: Jana Buch, courtesy of the artist and Neue Galerie Gladbeck

Kara light-footedly subverts genre boundaries and classifications in her artistic practice.

In her exhibition, she combines the individual works into an installation that occupies the space and incorporates aspects of Kurdish traditions as well as autobiographical elements into her artistic language of colour and form.

contemporary painting now, on view, abstracted painting, detail image
Melike Kara | Kordi afshar | 2022 | Oil stick and acrylic on canvas | 200 x 180 cm | Image: Jana Buch, courtesy of the artist and Neue Galerie Gladbeck

As if to break the authority of her paintings, Kara has already combined her pictures in the past with photographic collages as backgrounds, with crocheted frames or, as now in the Neue Galerie Gladbeck, with lengths of fabric soaked in paint.

Kara extends her painting out of the confines of the picture frame into space and contextualises it with a Kurdish cultural history. 

textile art 2023, detail , pink, fabric on the floor, by artist melike kara
Melike Kara | Landing Softly | 2022 | Detail, dyed fabric panels | 90 pieces, different sizes | Image: Jana Buch, courtesy of the artist and Neue Galerie Gladbeck

Kara's installations often evoke the impression of a ritual site with which the artist intervenes in the institutional spaces of art. In the exhibition "landing softly", Kara plays on the floor of the Neue Galerie, wiping sugar dyed with pigments into symbols and fragments that create a pattern also based on the carpet ornaments.

stunning exhibition space, galerie gladbeck, beautiful windows, sand on the floor, installation, artwork
Melike Kara | Landing softly | Installation | 2022 | Image: Jana Buch, courtesy of the artist and Neue Galerie Gladbeck

By adding this ritualistic layer, Kara develops a personal and emotional approach to Kurdish history. In doing so, Kara creates unique spaces that are both an exhibition and a place of memory, inviting us to trace the fragments of tradition in an impressive way.

Text by Author: Tomke Braun

installlation artwork, sand, on floor, melika kara, galerie gladbeck
Melike Kara | Ladik | 2022 | Detail | Dimensions variable | Colored sugar | Image: Jana Buch, courtesy of the artist and Neue Galerie Gladbeck

Additional Informations:

Neue Galerie Gladbeck on the Internet

Duration: 4.11.2022 - 8.01.2023

Curator: Luisa Schlotterbeck

Photography: Jana Buch

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Munchies Art Club Magazine says thank you to Galerie Gladbeck for the exhibitions submission. Many thanks to the Curator Luisa Schlotterbeck for the submission.

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