Björn Stern Curates Weltgeist Exhibition at Galerie Kandlhofer

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Group Show
Published on
January 31, 2023
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Curated by Bjorn Stern for Galerie Kandlhofer, the exhibition "Weltgeist" examines the influence of humanism and its development over time. Seven international artists, including Janine Antoni, Reza Aramesh, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and the renowned late Hermann Nitsch, employ their individual techniques to shed light on the theme.

Exploring the Power of Humanism

Munchies Art Club is proud to present the thought-provoking exhibition "Weltgeist" curated by London-based Bjorn Stern at Galerie Kandlhofer.

Featuring seven international artists, this exhibition explores the power of humanism and the impact of connectedness on humanity.

björn stern, curator, gallery kandlofer
Installation view Weltgeist | Curated by Bjorn Stern | Photo Manuel Carreon Lopez


Curated by Bjorn Stern for Galerie Kandlhofer, the exhibition “Weltgeist” opened on January 17 aiming to explore the power of humanism and how it has equipped itself through history to fathom the enormity of not knowing the fundamentals of its own existence, which has caused ideologies, governmental systems, religiosity and other belief systems to function in its ersatz. 

janine antonini, artist, contemporary art vienna
JANINE ANTONI I Open the gates, 2019 | Mixed media gilded with 24 karat gold leaf | 58.42 x 65.72 x 5.72 cm, 23 x 25 7/8 x 2 1/4 inches | Edition of 3 plus 2 artist's proofs (#2/3) | Courtesy Ralph Smith

Stern has included seven international artists whose respective practices illuminate the subject: 

Janine Antoni - USA, Reza Aramesh - IRAN/U.K., Arvida Byström - SWEDEN, Alejandro Jodorowsky - CHILE/FRANCE, Hermann Nitsch, AUSTRIA, John Robinson, U.K., and Penny Slinger - USA. 

7 artists on view at gallery kandlhofer
Installation view | Photos by Manuel Carreon Lopez

The exhibition is loosely based on the principles of Hegel’s views on the Weltgeist (World spirit), not as an actual object or an all-encompassing, all-present God figure, but as a secular means to better understand and to philosophise about history.

Bjorn Stern has long been fascinated about the idea of connectedness that appear between humans that at times reside outside of language, which may be akin to a spiritual experience. 

john roinson artist, artworks, on view now
JOHN ROBINSON | Against Cornish modernism, 2022 | Oil on canvas | 37.5 x 45 cm, 14 3/4 x 17 3/4 in | Courtesy of the artist

In Stern’s view it is the connectedness in itself that provide this elevated state of humanity rather than the classic subscription to “the other”, which can predictably be found in religiosity, mysticism and the occult or more recent methodologies towards an exalted state such as conventional drug consumption.

Installation view of works by John Robinson | Photo Manuel Carreon Lopez

Information about the curator

Stern is a London based art dealer and collector, who has curated a number of thematic exhibitions in the past three decades on subjects as varied as the history of dreams in art through five millennia, the art of the first Italian republic, how artists respond to the history of competitive sports and in the late 90’s Stern curated the “In-Significant’s” exhibition in Malmoe, Sweden, which predicted post-internet art by over a decade. More recently he has taken an interest in the digital abject in art and its’ effect on real life situations.


Weltgeist curated by Björn Stern | Photos by Manuel Carreon Lopez

Weltgeist | curated by Bjorn Stern

Exhibition Dates: 

Thursday, 19th January 2023 - Saturday, 18th February 2023 


Galerie Kandlhofer, Brucknerstrasse 4, 

1040 Vienna

+43 1 5031167

Arvida Byström | Pietà, 2022 | 160 x 136 cm, 63 x 53 1/2 in, | Photographic print, painted oak frame | Courtesy by the artist

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All images and text courtesy Gallery Kandlhofer.

All installation shots taken by :

Manuel Carreon Lopez @