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Art Festival | Barcelona

What to expect from this years Barcelona Gallery Weekend? Here we give you a preview.

The Munchies Art Club is a huge fan of Spain and its art scene. 

Having lived in Valencia for a while, the Arco Art Fair in Madrid was an event noted in our calendars, never to be missed. 

hunter potter, barcelona , gallery weekend, painting, exhibition
L21 Gallery | Hunter Potter | Pushing Flowers 2021 | Image credit @ BGW

This year we look forward to the Barcelona Gallery Weekend which we discovered last year. The prominent L21 Gallery, an all time favorite gallery of ours will be presenting the artist Hunter Potter who ranks high amongst our cherished artists whom we have featured on our art platform and social media channels. 

uxval gallery, daniel orson ybarra, sculpture
Uxval Gochez Gallery | Daniel Orson Ybarra | Germinaciones 1 | 200 cm | Image credit @ BGW

Another gallery we have had the pleasure to connect with is the Uxval Gochez gallery who has exhibited a selection of our featured artists the past months.

We are very excited to explore and discover new artists and new galleries participating at this years Barcelona gallery weekend in September. Save the date!

3 punts gallery, alexandro monge, fibreglass sculpture
3 Punts Galeria | Alejandro Monge | El Sueño De La Razon Produce Monstruos | 2021 | Fiberglass Resin Cement | 105x105x120cm | Image credit @ BGW

Barcelona Gallery Weekend | Spain

15th - 18th September 2022

12:00 Opening for Professionals

18:00 Opening Public

ana mas projects, damaris pan, painting
Ana Mas Projects | Damaris Pan | Untitled | 2020 | Image credit @ BGW

Barcelona Gallery Weekend, organized by the Art Barcelona association, will feature the participation of 33 galleries, 26 in Barcelona, 6 in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat and 1 in Santa Margarida i els Monjos (Penedès).

On Thursday, September 15, all the exhibitions will be opened simultaneously: from 12 noon, for the professional public, and from 6:00 p.m. for the general public.

adn gallery, domènec, artist, contemporary
ADN Galeria | Domènec | Conversation piece: Bublik | 2021 | Image credit @ BGW

Press Text Gallery Weekend Barcelona

The 33 participating galleries

The new edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend will have the participation, for the first time, of L21 Factory, a hybrid project founded in Palma de Mallorca and which last March opened a new headquarters in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, a production center and gallery with two exhibition halls. 

Suburbia Contemporary is also released, which moved to Barcelona in September 2021 from Granada.

In addition, N2 Gallery and L&B Gallery rejoin the event. 

ethall, francesc ruiz, art installation, house of fun
etHall | Francesc Ruiz | House of fun | 2019 | Image credit @ BGW

Participating galleries by area: Die Ecke Arte Contemporáneo and House Of Chappaz, in Gràcia; 3 Punts Gallery, ADN Gallery, Artur Ramon Art, Contrast Gallery, Cortina Gallery, Joan Prats Gallery, Marc Domènech Gallery, Marlborough Barcelona Gallery, Zielinsky Gallery, Mayoral, N2 Gallery, Projecte SD, RocioSantaCruz, Suburbia Contemporary and Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo, in Eixample; 

Bombon Projects, Dilalica, LAB36 , Uxval Gochez Gallery and Pigment Gallery, located on Trafalgar Street, on the border between Eixample and El Born; L&B Gallery in Poblenou; àngels barcelona and Sala Parés, in Ciutat Vella; Chiquita Room in Sant Antoni, and Alalimón in Montjuïc. 

galeria marc domènech, ana peters, ink on paper, 60s art
Galeria Marc Domènech | Ana Peters | El carro de Venus | 1966 | Image credit @ BGW

In L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, they are part of the Ana Mas Projects program, etHALL, Galería Alegría, L21 Factory and NoguerasBlanchard, and in Santa Margarida and Els Monjos, PALMADOTZE .

galería zielinsky, vera chaves barcellos, munchies art club
Galería Zielinsky | Vera Chaves Barcellos | Keep Smiling | 1977 | Image credit @ BGW

About 70 artists from 20 countries

BGW will feature the work of great national artists: Esther Ferrer, at àngels barcelona, pioneer and maximum representative of performance art in Spain; Susana Solano at Artur Ramon Art, whose sculptural work will be presented in dialogue with pieces by historical avant-garde artists such as Julio González, Eduardo Chillida or Manolo Hugué; or Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, an essential figure in Spanish conceptual art, who presents in Projecte SD a selection of works that have shaped his artistic career since the 1970s, as well as carefully selected unpublished works with the artist in his archive.

galeria joan prats, christo, wrapped floor 
Galeria Joan Prats | Christo | Wrapped Floor | Project for Galeria Joan Prats Barcelona | 1976 | Image credit @ BGW

The exhibition “The magic carpet. For Joan de Muga” pays tribute to Joan de Muga, founder and director of the Joan Prats Gallery between 1976 and 2020, with a selection of works by artists who have been part of the gallery since its inception: Miró, Caldero, Brossa, Tàpies, Christo, Hannah Collins, Anthony Caro, Ràfols Casamada, Hernández Pijuan, Perejaume, Fernando Prats, Julião Sarmento, Juan Uslé, Victoria Civera, Alfons Borrell,  Cabrita,  José María Sicilia  and  Luis Gordillo

The project has the complicity of Carles Guerra, who will write the text of the publication that will be edited later. 

mayoral, salvador dalí , barcelona gallery weekend
MAYORAL | Salvador Dalí | La corregidora Mercedes | 1952-53 | Image credit @ BGW

In addition, Mayoral presents several drawings of the surrealist genius Salvador Dalí that underline the creation of surprising compositional forms and his attention to detail. 

n2 galería, salustiano, contemporary photography
N2 Galería | Salustiano | ‘Territorio de Ternura, Juan’ | 2020 | Image credit @ BGW

Art and science go hand in hand in several projects: Galería Cortina brings together a selection of works that revolve around the concepts of opening, movement and space, moving away from the traditional categories of painting and sculpture, with works by Alberto Biasi, Toni Costa, Alexander Calder, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Julio Le Parc, Jesús Rafael Soto and Victor Vasarely

pigment gallery, edouard cabay, installation, photo
Pigment Gallery | Edouard Cabay | Installation Vents Alíseos | 2018 | Image credit @ BGW

Along these same lines, the artist Rubén Grilo begins a new cycle of curating at NoguerasBlanchard with an exhibition by Luis García Núñez, Lugán, one of the most heterodox and interesting Spanish artists on the national scene in the second half of the 20th century. 

He will show his audio-visual-tactile works, the result of combining his knowledge as an electronic technician at Telefónica with his artistic activity. 

galeria alegria, matthew musgrave, art in barcelona
Galeria Alegria | Matthew Musgrave | HAND HELD | 2020 | Oil on linen | 25 x 15 cm | Image credit @ BGW

In Alalimón, the duo Varvara & Mar, fascinated by artificial intelligence, kinetics or participation and digital fabrication, show in "Psychedelic trips" a series of experiments between art and new media. 

In the field of figuration, Guillermo Pérez Villalta stands out, who returns at the hands of Sala Parés to Barcelona after two decades.

His conceptual work around the idea of classicity is built from geometric figures that contrast with human bodies. 

chiquita room, phillip maisel, barcelona art weekend
Chiquita Room | Phillip Maisel | Parabolic Structures (4524) | 2021-2022 | Image credit @ BGW

At N2 Galería, the ethereal and magical compositions and figures of the Sevillian artist Salustiano are presented.

In 3 Punts, Alejandro Monge presents large-format hyper-realistic sculptures made of cement in which time seems to have stopped, leaving people petrified in everyday moments, ironic and sometimes absurd situations of our daily lives. 

lab36, miguel angel madrigal, modern sculpture
LAB36 | Miguel Angel Madrigal | Madrigal 1 | 2021 | Image credit @ BGW

The French artist Nicolas Daubanes and the Catalan Domènec present at ADN Galeria an exhibition that reviews different historical moments in which architecture has served to project and respond to human needs that go beyond the function of shelter, with works that reference mythological architecture, idealistic projects for workers' housing or prison buildings. 

sala parés, guillermo parés villalta, drawing on paper, aquarelle
Sala Parés | Guillermo Parés Villalta | Obra 3 | Untitled | 2014 | Acuarela sobre papel | Water color on paper | 31 x 20,5 cm | Image credit @ BGW 

In Galeria Contrast , Luis Gaspar and Íñigo Navarro also establish an artistic dialogue, in this case around the idea of the West: what is it? What are its borders? Each artist proposes - through their respective disciplines, photography and painting- a sketch of what could be called the West. 

At Pigment Gallery, architect Edouard Cabay and artist Juan Escudero.

They exhibit a chalcographic engraving project generated by electronic machines activated by algorithms that drink from databases related to the city. 

rociosantacruz, jean denant, work on paper, unique
RocioSantaCruz | Jean Denant | Etats limites 4 | Cement on paper | 2020 | Image credit @ BGW

With a compiling desire, House Of Chappaz presents a selection of works by artists who have been participating in the project for some time, such as Antonio Fernández Alvira, Carlos Sáez, Fito Conesa, Michael Roy, Natacha Lesueur or Vicky Uslé, along with those recently incorporated: Andrew Roberts, Diego del Pozo Barriuso, Mit Borrás, Ovidi Benet and Pablo Durando

angels barcelona, esther ferrer, drawings
Angels Barcelona | Esther Ferrer | Numeros primos | Drawings and installations | 2010 | Image credit @ BGW

In painting, Damaris Pan presents at Ana Mas Projects his most recent work, in which a synthesis and containment can be seen in terms of shape and color, and a greater presence of figures and bodies. 

At L&B Gallery, Joan ill  explores the limits of painting through the austerity of the materials that refer to arte povera. 

bonbom projects, joanna escoval, sculpture wall art
Bombon Projects | Joana Escoval | Ash and Fire were mixing in mid air with the rain | 2022 | Earth, water, fire, air | 120 x 38 x 29 cm | Image credit @ BGW

Palmadotze collaborates on this occasion with the artist Pere Noguera, who bases his artistic practice on the process, deconstruction and fragmentation, deepening the concept of the archive as a ready-made

alalimón, varvara & mar, art to collect, spain
Alalimón | Varvara & Mar | POSTcard Landscapel | 2020 | Image credit @ BGW

Since Ariadna Guiteras is a mother, her IG algorithm teaches her cabin building games for kids. 

Inspired by these games, the artist creates, in Dilalica, a modular structure that becomes, sometimes a refuge, sometimes a trap.

etHALL welcomes the new body of work by Francesc Ruiz, inspired by the imaginary of distribution and logistics and the materiality of large-format printing and its ability to build worlds. 

suburbia contemporary, robert pettena, munchies art club
Suburbia Contemporary | Robert Pettena | Guerre des rêves, Frutti della Bizzarria | 2020 | Image credit @ BGW

Other prominent names on the international scene

The Galeria Marc Domènech presents, only from September 15 to 22, a journey through the most figurative stage of Ana Peters through 20 pieces that are framed in the context of political mythologies and female stereotypes in Franco's Spain; 

noguerasblanchard, lugán, contemporary sculpture
NoguerasBlanchard | Lugán | Cinco grifos sonoros | 1973-1974 | Image credit @ BGW

Zielinsky Gallery offers a selection of works by the Brazilian Vera Chaves Barcellos, produced from the 1970s to today, reusing images taken from the media; and Marlborough selects some of the most representative photographs of the work of Irving Penn, one of the great photographers of the 20th century known for his work in fashion, tribal portraits or still life. 

l&b gallery, joan ill, barcelona gallery weekend
L&B Gallery | Joan Ill | Our sea 14 | 2019 | Image credit @ BGW

The painters Matthew Musgrave and Daniel Orson Ybarra, at Galería Alegría and Uxval Gochez respectively, observe nature and take it to the field of abstraction. 

Lydia Gifford 's works at L21 Factory,which uses paint to transform fabrics into abstract minimalist works with rugged surfaces, and Hunter Potter (in the same gallery) uses whimsical, geometric figures inspired by American folklore to celebrate the minutiae of everyday life on a monumental scale. 

galeria contrast, iñigo navarro, oil painting, canvas
Galeria Contrast | Iñigo Navarro | Oraciones por las luces y as oscuridades pálidas | 2022 | Oil on canvas | 50 x 40 cm | Image credit @ BGW

Carsten Beck's work in Víctor Lope synthesizes the Scandinavian minimalist expression in oil on canvas. 

Francisco Copello represents Musorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" through the technique of pantomime and taking inspiration from the electronic version of the suite created by the Japanese Isao Tomita, in Die Ecke Arte Contemporáneo

die ecke contemporary, francisco copello, pictures
Die ecke | Francisco Copello | Tableaux d’une exposition | 1981 | Image credit @ BGW

The “Limit States” of Jean Denant in RocioSantaCruz refer to the concept of “borderline”, which evokes both the notions of the border between the normal and the pathological or between neurosis and psychosis, as well as those of a particular organization of the personality that has a real nosographic specificity, while the exhibition “Wordless and Earthen” displays in Bombon Projects the ethereal metallic sculptures of the Portuguese Joana Escoval. 

projectesd, isidoro valcarcel, painting, muncch
ProjecteSD | Isidoro Valcarcel | Medina “Pintura 78” | 1963 | Image credit @ BGW

Chiquita Room presents Phillip Maisel 's collages that address stories of his family and broader notions of displacement, belonging, or what remains behind our absences; Miguel Ángel Madrigal takes over the architectural elements of Barcelona in Lab36, and Robert Pettena, with the "Guerre des rêves" (War of Dreams) exhibition at Suburbia Contemporary, investigates fictional regimes and how they affect social life to the point of making us doubt reality.

dilalica, ariadne guiteras, installation, modern
Dilalica | Ariadne Guiteras | Imagen de proceso de Dos Garras que hacen un huevo | 2022 | Image credit @ BGW

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All images and press text courtesy the Barcelona Gallery Weekend Press team.

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