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Andreas Werner at the Armory Show New York

Published on
September 8, 2022
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On view at the Armory show in New York, the Gallery Krinzinger, presenting in a group show the artist Andreas Werner. Munchies Art Club Magazine features the emerging artist to follow on Instagram

Andreas Werner will participate this year for the first time at the prominent Armory Show in New York 

armory show new york, artwork by austrian artist andreas werner, abstract acrylic painting on wood, represented by gallery krinzinger vienna
Armory Show 2022| A Artwork by Austrian Artist: Andreas Werner | „Raumroute N°24“, 2021 acrylic on wood | 100cm x 80 cm | Image by Arnau Oliveras Segui & Galerie Krinzinger

Andreas Werner is an Austrian Artist who is represented by the Gallery Krinzinger and together they take part at this years Armory Show in New York

We discovered his work through the exhibition "Why Austrians now?” curated by Lina Albrikiene
The group show took place in Vilnius at the Radvilla Palace Museum of Art.

Since then its been quite up hill for the artist, with a solo Show at the Kunsthalle Krems, he also recieved the STRABAG Art Award 2022 + a solo exhibition at the STRABAG Art Lounge, coming up October 13, 2022. Pretty impressive!

a pencil drawing by austrian artist andreas werner, black and white, graphite, represented by gallery krinzinger vienna
Artwork by Andreas Werner | „They are driven by voices and dreams III“, 2021 | Graphite and pencil on paper | 153cm x 140 cm | Image by Peter Hoiss & Gallery Krinzinger

Andreas tells us a bit about his work.

What exactly do I show the viewer in my drawings? 

Landscapes that do not seem to come from Earth, long forgotten, lost cultures, totemic architecture on other planets, future ruins and prophetic archaeologies? Gloomy and promising atone and the same time.

On the one hand, the motifs revolve around structures; are the buildings, possibly temples, rockets, or are they robots after all?

In this context, what I am actually depicting remains completely undefined; even the titles do not explain anything, instead opening up a further level of meaning.

exhibition view, from artist andreas werner show at gallery krinzinger, foggy, black and white drawing, dark space
Exhibition View | "Through the deep black void" | Gallery Krinzinger Copyright Galerie Krinzinger und Tamara Rametsteiner

On the other hand, we see depictions of landscapes, even encompassing my “space routes”, scientific-looking designs and cartographies of interstellar routes.

Strong echoes of science fiction. Space travel as the last chance to stumble across blank spots on the map, to project dreams. 

The connections slowly become apparent, thanks to painstaking observation and combination; an entire drawn universe lies before us. 

It ranges from Fritz Lang, Hermann Oberth, Wernher von Braun or Thomas Pynchon, Stanisław Lem to Alejandro Jodorwsky's unfilmed “Dune”.

One fundamental attitude always remains the same: Why was the idea of future once so much friendlier? And what actually happened to all the utopias?

artist andreas werner infront of his work at gallery schloss parz
A photo of Andreas in front of a work, during the course of the exhibition „Gasteiger  - Werner – Deutsch“ in the Gallery Schloss Parz | Image courtesy the artist

The Group Show at the Armory Show includes following Artists: 

Marina Abramović, Monica Bonvicini, Johanna Calle, Angela de la Cruz, Christian Eisenberger, Rui Miguel Leitao Ferreira, Oska Gutheil, Secundino Hernández, Waqas Khan, Radhika Khimji, Brigitte Kowanz, Angelika Krinzinger, Erik van Lieshout, Maha Malluh, Jonathan Meese, Hans Op de Beeck, Meret Oppenheim, Walter Pichler, Eva Schlegel, Erik Schmidt, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Gavin Turk, Jannis Varelas, Martin Walde, Andreas Werner, Zhang Wei, Thomas Zipp

Additional Infos:

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