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We are excited to present to you the Austrian artist Stefan Zsaitsits and his incredible drawings.

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„Diode“ | 2021 | Graphite on cardboard | 50 x 40 cm

If you aren't following the contemporary artist Stefan Zsaitsits on Insta yet, then do so now and dive into his amazing surreal world!

The Austrian artist Stefan Zsaitsits currently lives and works in a small town in Lower Austria. 

For several years now, drawing has been the artistic medium on which Stefan Zsaitsits has concentrated almost exclusively. 

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Stefan Zsaitsits | Portrait of the artist by @Nikolaus Korab | 2022

It's simplicity and directness with simultaneously manifold possibilities of expression continue to fascinate him.

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“Morphing” | 2021 | Graphite on cardboard | 70x50cm

In addition, it is for him the best way to follow trains of thought, impressions and memories - with the attempt to capture or externalize them.

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„Nocturne No. 12“ | 2021 | Graphite on cardboard | 70 x 70 cm

“In realms between opposites such as reason and absurdity, haste and rest, sleep and wakefulness, I want my works to be located. 

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„The Nose (Bastard No. 1)“ | 2021 | Graphite on cardboard | 70 x 50 cm

Drawings that raise more questions than they can answer.

From confused thoughts to concrete ideas.

Order and chaos, the real and the unreal as a unity in my mind and in drawings. 

who is stefan zsaitsits, drawings, surreal, dreamlike, stories, worlds,
„Balance (Black Stones)“ | 2021 | Graphite on paper | 70 x 50 cm

But above all they are images about the absurdity as one of the regularities and constants of our existence.”