Art Fair Radar 2022 | A Resume

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The SPARK Art Fair Vienna is a new Austrian art fair with international dimension. The contemporary art fair, presented in their second edition 80 prominent and up-and-coming young Austrian and international galleries showing solo presentations from 99 artists in the historic space of the Marx Halle.

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galerie naechst st stephan, daniel knorr, contemporary art installations, visual artist
Gallery Naechst St Stephan presents the artist Daniel Knorr

Spark art fair Vienna 2022 concluded its second edition successfully proving they are here to stay!

The second edition of the Spark art fair 2022 took place once again at the historical Marx Halle in Vienna, Austria.

The Spark Art Fair was launched in June 2021, and 9 months later, the fair took place at its official date, end of March.

siggi hofer, visual artist, exile contemporary art, discover, art scene, austria
EXILE gallery presents the artist Siggi Hofer

Renger van den Heuvel and his team has once again created an event not to be missed, kicking off this March, the Austrian art season. 

Even though the fair is new on the Austrian art market, it has already established itself as a contemporary and curated art event with growing support from Austrian galleries, institutions and authorities.

lukas feichtner, albana ejupi, women in the arts emerging, original, large artworks
Lukas Feichtner gallery presents the artist Albana Ejupi

The SPARK Art Fair presented over 80 national and international contemporary art galleries, with 20 more international galleries than last year. 

The galleries exhibited 99 Solo presentations, for the fairs exclusive concept of one artist per booth. This approach motivated and inspired many artists to produce new work for the fair.

smolka contemporary, spark, hubert schmalix, marx halle, kunst wien
Smolka Contemporary presents the artist Hubert Schmalix

From prominent to young positions, there was an exquisite selection on view. 

The approach of displaying only one artist per booth allowed the visitors once again to immerse themselves in the work on view and engage with the artists in a pleasant and intimate setting.

Another remarkable fact about the fair is that from the 99 artistic positions shown, 52 were female artists.

bernd kugler, holger endres, kunst messe wien, zeitgenössische kunstwerke
The gallery Bernd Kugler presents the artist Holger Endres

Additionally, the SPARK presented three curated sections: ‘Spark Expanded’, ‘Photography’ and ‘The Fourth Wall’. Inviting for these special sections, the curators Christoph Doswald, Bettina Leidl, Marieke Wiegel, and Fiona Liewehr. 

The curators focus lay on new artists, diverse perspectives, and reaching a broader target audience.

beni bischof, nicis bar, nicola von senger, installation, best, artworks, fun inspitration
Gallery Nicola von Senger presents Beni Bischof

At the fair, a cubic white box and an open door with pink neon letters saying Nici's bar by Beni Bischof represented by the Nicola von Senger gallery was definitely everyone’s highlight. 

beni bischof, nicis bar, entire room, instalment, real, life, free beer
Inside Nici's Bar by Beni Bischof

Entering this inconspicuous cube, it immediately transported me into another world, awakening memories of an old sailor’s bar in Hamburg open at all hours. 

I immediately became immersed into a world that had such a real and old feeling to it, I couldn't believe that they had set it up just days before. Chapeau!

galerie lisa kandlhofer, nina mandl, photography, installation, wall paper, large, installations
Gallery Kandlhofer presents the artist Nana Mandl

The gallery Kandlhofer I can not lie, is one of my favorite galleries in Vienna. Always surprising and exhibiting an exciting selection of artists in their awesome space in the 4th Viennese district.

Last year they presented work from the contemporary artist Karl Karner and this year once again impressed with their extraordinary booth presenting the artists Nana Mandl and Alexander Basil.

wall art, painting, still life, jo van de loo, artist, female, monika michalko
Jo Van De Loo gallery presents the artist Monika Michalko

A wonderful new discovery was the gallery Jo Van De Loo and the exceptional paintings from the artist Monika Michalko.

onka allmayer beck, contemporary ceramics, galerie raum mit licht, kunstmesse wien, international, illustrator
Gallery Raum mit Licht presents the artist Onka Allmayer-Beck

My dear friend and mentor Josephine Wagner from the gallery Raum mit Licht displayed the works of Austrian talent Onka Allmayer-Beck and her alluring organic creature-like ceramic sculptures.

koenig 2 be robby greif, simon lehne, video installation, visual artist
Koenig2 By_Robby Greif presents the artist Simon Lehner

Simon Lehner is another another exciting young talent we discovered at this year’s art fair. Represented by Koenig2 By_Robby Greif, Lehners work was striking, enticing the viewer to delve into the work on view.

margaret lansink, photography, female artist, ibasho, dutch, feature
IBASHO gallery presents the artist Margaret Lansink

The Dutch photographic artist Margaret Lansink bares her inner emotions in her extraordinary work.

At this years Spark the artist shared work from four series inspired by the concept of beauty of imperfections and impermanence. A wonderful encounter on and off line.

silvia steineck olga georgieva, original, unique artwork, collectors,
The gallery Silvia Steinek presents the artist Olga Georgieva

The SPARK art fair seems to have a knack for extremely good weather, the two events so far have been sun-drenched days, so should you plan to get married in Vienna, and are worried about the weather get married during the Spark weekend, sunny weather will be a guarantee!

rauminhalt, harald bichner, munchies art club online art magazine, gilbert bretterbauer
Galerie Rauminhalt_Harald Bichler present the artist Gilbert Bretterbauer

The SPARK has created an important platform for the Austrian art scene. In just one year, the fair has become a key contemporary art fair receiving acceptance from the art communities nationally and internationally with just two editions. 

christine koenig galler, marusa sagadin, sculpture, international, viewing room
The gallery Christine Koenig presents the artist Maruša Sagadin

The selection and we show only a few positions, has been exquisite. From prominent galleries like the Christine König gallery who presented the wonderful Maruša Sagadin, as well as new and budding young galleries such as the City gallery Wien showing the emerging artist Stefania Batoeva, the Spark gave us a selection from the very best!

emerging artist, new gallery, vienna, stefania batoeva, modern, paintings, canvas
City Galerie Wien presents the artist Stefania Batoeva

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portugal artist, diogo bolota, uma lulik, visual artist, painting, sculpture
The gallery Uma Lulik presents the artist Diogo Bolota

We thank Renger van den Heuvel and his team for sharing with us first hand press-material, an invitation to the SPARK Art Fair opening, and for enriching all our lives with this undeniably exceptional event.