Philip Grözinger | Science Fiction meets surrealism Painting

Published on
October 22, 2022
philip groezinger, artist, book published nicole gnesa and hirmer verlag
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Hirmer Verlag and Gallery Nicole Gnesa present the book IF from the contemporary artist Philip Grözinger

Hirmer Verlag together with the gallery Nicole Gnesa in Munich present the fabulous art book showing the entrancing work of the contemporary German artist Philip Groezinger’s titled IF

What a beautiful book filled with the colorful and magnificent creations from the very talented German artist Groezinger. This book is a great gift for art lovers and those who love the surreal and fantastical.

The team of Munchies Art Club Magazine discovered Philip Grözinger at the Parallel art fair in 2020.

publishing house hirmer, munchies art club, edition, special, available, unique, perfect
Philip Grözinger | If | 2021 | © Philip Grözinger, courtesy: Nicole Gnesa Galerie, München 

It was love at first sight when we discovered Philip Grözinger.

The gallery owner Nicole Gnesa, was present that day and guided us through the exhibition.

hirmer verlag, gallery nicole gnesa, philip groezinger, book, art, contemporary, oeuvre,
Philip Grözinger | Cheap Tricks | 2020 | © Philip Grözinger, courtesy: Nicole Gnesa Galerie, München 

She told us interesting stories to the work and the artist, making it an unforgettable discovery at that years art fair.

Since then we have been in close contact, featuring his exhibition at the Parallel as well as his exhibition in Barcelona a group show called Needful things curated by one of our featured artists the German artist Katharina Arndt at the Galería Uxval Gochez in Barcelona Spain.

artist, german, international, parallel, vienna, berlin, hbk, braunschweig university of art,
Philip Grözinger | Hunting for New Colours | 2021 |© Philip Grözinger, courtesy: Nicole Gnesa Galerie, München 

Who is Philip Groezinger?

Philip Grözinger ist a German contemporary artist who studied art at the Braunschweig University of Art (HBK).

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Courtesy Philip Grözinger

The artist now lives and works in Berlin and is represented by the Munich based gallery Nicole Gnesa.

Together with his gallery and the publishing house Hirmer Grözinger put together an oeuvre of his work in a wonderful book available at the Hirmer Verlag.

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In the artists studio | Courtesy Philip Grözinger

IF by Philip Grözinger

Philip Grözinger’s art derives from his investigations of future-oriented visions.

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Philip Grözinger | Mullholland Drive | 2021 | © Philip Grözinger, courtesy: Nicole Gnesa Galerie, München 

With his individualistic painterly signature he invites the viewer to join him on a surreal journey through the pictorial traditions of the Pop culture of recent decades.

This volume is a retrospective which provides a comprehensive overview of his outstanding oeuvre.


If there were such a thing, Grözinger’s works could be classified as Virtual Surrealism.

tapestry, wall art, science fiction novel, fantasy world, surrealistic paintings, futuristic, pop
Philip Grözinger | If I had Known it then I would have Done it now | 2021 | © Philip Grözinger, courtesy: Nicole Gnesa Galerie, München 

Figures in space suits, black manikins and other figures encounter one another in a fictional cosmos.

Against a background of abstract worlds they tell stories which follow their own physical laws.

munchies art club, viewing room, art magazine, online, feature
This is where the magic happens!

In painterly manner, Grözinger combines lurid contrasts with delicate, pastel-like shades.

His paint application is based on that of miniature painting and gives the cartoon-like creatures human features as it draws the viewer into the artist’s fantasy world.    

A very big thank you to the Hirmer Verlag for sending us a copy of this wonderful book, thank you also to Nicole Gnesa and the very gifted Philip Grözinger for sharing with us.

Munchies Art Club Magazine resume

What a beautiful book filled with the colorful and magnificent creations from the very gifted german artist Groezinger. This book is a great gift for art lovers and those who love the surreal and fantastical.


For further information:

Ed. Nicole Gnesa

Contribution by Larissa Kikol

Text: English / German
192 pages, 120 illustrations
26 x 29 cm, hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-7774-3764-4

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