Nico Osimani | NEW

Published on
October 22, 2022
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Nico Osimani | New work 

It has been over a year since we first discovered the Argentinian artist Nico Osimani on Instagram.

contemporary art daily, on view
Daily pleasures | 30cm x 30cm | Mixed media on canvas 

Painting, drawing and writing touching poetry Nico has been a special artist we still enjoy today.

Today we would like to share a small collection of his new work.

nico osimani, painting, drawing, poetry
The disappearance of love | 30cm x 30cm | Mixed media on canvas 


Nico Osimani lives and works in Ibiza, Spain. 

He defines himself as a poet and painter, constantly searching for a balance between these two disciplines. 

ibiza art to collect
Another boring sunset | 30cm x 30cm | Mixed media on canvas 

The development of his work focuses on the inner search, the memory distorted by the passage of time, the game and the oneiric. 

ibiza, original artworks, on paper
Apology of emptiness | 30cm x 30cm | Mixed media on canvas 

After suffering a severe accident and recovering completely, his intention to record or build memory has intensified and can be seen in his most recent production . 

emerging artists, munchies art club online art magazine
Last days of childhood | 30cm x 30cm | Mixed media on canvas 

Each painting aims to recreate a lived sensation, the most immediate reality and the search for an aesthetic future. 

He works in both large and small formats, always with the same goal, to capture memory on canvas creating a timeless and unique story of traces, sensations and feelings already experienced. 

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