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THE hole | Open Call Summer 2023

When the Art World goes on Holiday but you are still determined to make an impact!
We feature you and 3 of your artworks on our Munchies Art Club online magazine and on our Social Media Channels -Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Google. Its FREE! Submit to our Open Call for a chance to be featured! Fingers crossed!


ABOUT The Hole | OPen call summer 2023

Calling All Artists to Illuminate the Art World Summer Hole! 

While galleries and art events may be closing their doors for the summer, the creative spirit thrives in the digital realm! Our online art magazine is thrilled to announce our summer open call, dedicated to showcasing extraordinary talent during this vibrant season.

Are you an artist looking to extend your reach beyond the confines of your bubble? Look no further! We are here to promote your captivating work, amplifying your artistic voice across our social media channels and beyond. We offer you the opportunity to shine bright this summer!
Why Participate? 
Expand Your Reach: Break free from the limitations of traditional galleries and art events. With our digital presence and extensive social media following, your artwork will resonate far beyond our art magazine's realm, reaching diverse art enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Zero Submission Fees: We believe in supporting artists, which is why we have eliminated submission fees.

Exclusive Invitation: Only if your artwork is selected will we contact you. This means you have nothing to lose by submitting your work, but everything to gain if selected.

How to Participate Prepare your finest artwork that captures your unique style, concept, or perspective.
Fill out our easy and straightforward submission form on our website.
Provide essential details about yourself and your artwork, ensuring your talent is accurately presented.
Submit your artwork without any cost or obligation. 
Our team will review your submissions carefully.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to shine during the art world's summer hole! Submit your artwork today and join us in illuminating the digital landscape with your exceptional talent.

We can't wait to discover the brilliance you have to offer!
#ArtWorldSummerHole #ShineBright #DigitalArtRevolution

OPen call overview in short

Deadline: 1. July 2023
How do we select our artists?
Well, of course, we have our own unique taste and style that we aim to stay true to. But beyond that, we look for artists who are just as passionate about the arts as we are, and who are supporters of the Munchies art club.
Do we get back to you even if we don't accept your submission?
If you have submitted and have not heard back from us within 2 WEEKS, that unfortunately means that you HAVE NOT been selected - this time around.
We're a small team and can not get back to everyone who has submitted.
Don’t let it stop you! Keep creating and keep sharing your amazing work with the world.
Other reasons why we may choose not to select a submission:
if you do not have an Instagram account, or your account is filled with too many private images.if your Insta account is private
If your submission is incomplete, and therefore requires too much extra work on our end. This could be due to a lack of images, poor image quality, missing or way too short text, or no captions.
How many artworks do you select?
We select 3 artworks.
So, make sure to give it your all when you submit, there are some truly amazing galleries and collectors that follow our Insta and during Summer have more time to Explore talent!

Is it free?

there is no fee for submitting your work to Munchies Art Club. We believe in providing equal opportunities for artists to share their creativity and passion with our community.

Are Donations welcome?

Yes, we greatly appreciate and welcome donations to support the ongoing operations and growth of Munchies Art Club Magazine.

Your contributions play a vital role in maintaining our digital infrastructure, managing our social media presence, and funding future projects.

Your donations big or small enable us to continue providing a high-quality platform for artists, and showcase cutting-edge art.

Your donations and patronage directly contribute to the sustainability and development of Munchies Art Club, allowing us to offer enriching artistic support.

thank you in advance for any form of support from me and my team.

What are we doing with the donations?

- Maintaining and upgrading our digital infrastructure: Donations help us improve and optimize our website, ensuring a seamless user experience and efficient access to artistic content.

- Social media management: We allocate funds to manage our social media presence, including creating engaging content, reaching a wider audience, and promoting artists and exhibitions effectively.

- Funding future projects 2024-2025: Donations contribute to funding upcoming projects that support emerging artists, curatorial initiatives, and innovative art programs.

- Supporting artists and Art Students: Your donations enable us to provide resources and opportunities to emerging artists, fostering their growth and recognition. We also use the funds to curate engaging exhibitions and showcase cutting-edge artwork.

- Enhancing the overall experience: We strive to enhance the overall experience for our community members. Donations help us improve the functionality and aesthetics of our platform, ensuring an immersive and inspiring environment for art enthusiasts.

By making a donation, you play a crucial role in supporting our mission and enabling us to continue promoting and celebrating contemporary art.

We are deeply grateful for your contributions, as they directly impact the success and sustainability of Munchies Art Club, the Artists and Creative Industry.

What is Munchies Art Club and Art Observartory Association?

Munchies Art Club is a platform and community that promotes and supports contemporary artists, providing a space for art enthusiasts, and collectors to explore the art world. We focus on nurturing and showcasing Art students, emerging and mid-career artists, offering them opportunities for exposure and recognition.

Through our collaboration with the Art Observatory Association, we share a commitment to promoting young art Students + talent and creating a platform for artists to showcase their work.

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